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Teenage Strongman Contests


Are there any Strongman contests with a teenage division (I'm 15)?


Some of the NAS contests have a teenage division. You might have to travel depending on your location. The good thing about that is its usually pretty easy to qualify for nationals and then you would actually see the best teens in the country. Go to nastrongman.com for a list of contests and divisions.



Thanks man. What kind of numbers should someone be putting up before they enter in a low-level contest? I can currently load a 175 lb sandbag for around six reps or so onto a waist high platform and deadlift around 290.


Howdy - I helped out at the teen (also combined with masters and women) nationals this past summer. I'm assuming you're a lightweight, though correct me if that's wrong. If you are, and you get a chance to practice the events in the contest before the show, you'll be reasonably competitive. I believe the teen lightweight deadlift medley went up to 335 at nationals just to give some perspective, though I may be remembering that wrong... in any case, with some hard work with the specific events in mind, you'll make a good showing at a regional contest.

You may want to practice loading the bag onto a higher platform, though; there's a trend towards pretty high boxes these days.



Just to give you an idea, when Kevin Nee won the Teenage national championships I would guess his dead was somewhere over 500 squat over 400 and could probably load a low 300 lb stone. This was years ago mind you he is obviously much stronger now.