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Teenage Neurotype

I always knew teenagers do not fully develop the brain until the age of 24-25. I also learned that until this age the brain runs on more of an emotional control rather than a logical control. Does anyone think being under this age would have any effect on neurotype?

Of course. But it’s important to realize that the brain doesn’t ever stop developing or changing. It’s a lifelong process. Synaptic connections are gained and lost. Receptors change. Cells are myelinated. Neurons are pruned. All this happens every day, throughout life. Nothing is set in stone. Everything is in flux.

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So your saying that your neurotype is always changing throughout life?
Or that your constantly changing yet it still stays the same?

Instead of thinking of a handful of types, think of trillions of types. Some are very similar to others. Your type is changing a little every second. It’s like grass growing. If you stare at it nothing seems to be happening, but if you leave for a month and return it may look totally different. Or someone may have cut the grass while you were gone and it looks the same.

So your saying in a few months or years a neurotype may change, not saying it has to but it could.


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