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Teen with Gyno, Considering AI?

Hi everybody,

I am 16 (early bloomer though) and for the past year (probably close to 2) I’ve had fairly moderate gyno. The nipples are a bit puffy, and although I’m not and never have been overweight, there is some extra fat storage there. Also, there is that palpable lump underneath each nipple

I’m not that self-conscious about it, but other people have noticed it a couple times, and it is a bit of a blow to the self-esteem when that happens. It’s definitely something I’d like to do something about now, rather than later. Especially because I plan to do a cycle in 9 years when I’m around 25 (if I’m still as into lifting as I am now, which I plan to be). I don’t want to get surgery when I’m older and trying to refine my physique.

Is it safe for me, at my age, to try one of the stickied Letro protocols for taking down gyno?

Any ideas recommendations, or comments? Will it even do anything?

I know somebody will say “oh it’s normal for teenagers and will pass” but I don’t think it will. In fact, I think it’s gotten a little bit worse over time. I’ve had it for a fairly long time now.


Do NOT use any letro. Go and see a doctor if it really bothers you

I’m considering that, but my family doctor is very not-understanding, and my urologist won’t even order surgery for my moderate-severe varicocele. I doubt either would give me SERMs or an AI, and my only other real option is surgery, right? I can’t afford the surgery.

Any reason you’re so against Letro?

You need a good endocronologist…do not try to self treat this.

I’ve had gyno since about age 15. Until I can afford the surgery (waiting on graduation), I’ve made it a goal to get bigger overall. People tend to miss your gyno when they’re staring at your muscles.

Look into Raloxifene instead of Letro.