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Teen Werewolves





Fucking Furries!


Fuck it! I'm still on team Edward.

Vampires > Fagwolves any day.




"we're not a gang. Gangs just want attention thats why they're always tagging things"

and these kids dress like the way they do to get attention. Thats the whole reason they do it lol.



There's quite a lot of irony in that girl criticizing people for doing things for attention.


Ct.Rockula, I blame you. You and your fucking Vamp-fag/Fur-Fag buddies have fucked up the entire Horror genre. And you're making it worse and worse year by year.

Soft, pussified teenagers hide behind fangs and pretend to be something they're not. Jesus Christ, I hate these kids. Why can't they just eat the gun like a nice little emo. Jeez! What happened to bullies?! \

Bullies are supposed to police this shit.




you forgot, "gangs are posers". lol, i wanna slap that girl


^True! the one that said "like" like 45 times?



This Josh guy sounds fucking awesome.

What the fuck is ISS? (Only thing I could find on wikipedia is International Space Station)


lol, qft


That video is clearly a pisstake.

Also the comment about bullies being supposed to police that shit is 100% correct.




You know what? Whatever. Do your thing.

But being a furry won't pay your fucking water bill.


Fake zombies always trump fake werewolves:


The best thing to do is to find out who the "Alpha Male" of their wolf pack is, and then kick his ass.

Then look at his ugly ass girlfriend and say, "Looks like I'm the new alpha, bitch. Start sucking."


Michael J Fox started this trend 2 decades ago... it's nothing new. Get over it.


Fuck Team Edward and Team Jacob. I'm for Team Alice. It's all about who you want Bella to end up with, right?

Just kidding, I'm too straight to give a shit.

All I can think when I see articles like this is one nice fit teenager could be slaying some teenage poon with minimal effort.


I think his ugly ass girlfriend is the pack Alpha Male, on account of the fact that she could break him in two. The alternative is too horrific to contemplate.


Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse. emo furries. great.