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Teen Transformation

Hey guys, I’m new on here. I switched to T-NATION just cause I don’t like BB . Com forums cause of the toxicity and immaturity on there :expressionless: anyways, I would like a few opinions from you guys about my transformation through my teen years. And lately I was thinking of starting gear for the first time but fear of something going wrong is keeping me back from doing so, even since I’m still young and still growing as a young male , reason being for wanting to take steroids is that one day I want to be one of the greats in bodybuilding, I can’t stop thinking about it and it’s something I do not want to give up on.

Good. That’s 100% the smart approach.

The majority of all-time greats were already competing at your age. So, when’s your first show?

As for the physique, like I said in the other thread, there’s no doubt you’re off to a good start. If you want more practical feedback, posting less-Instagrammy pics would help. The mandatory poses would be a good start.

FWIW, when I see transformation pics where the “before” is taken a day after puberty hit, I have trouble taking it seriously because anyone who lifts halfway serious will have a dramatic change at that time.

Again though, that seems to be a popular thing on IG with younger posters so it’s unfortunately just playing the game until you have more time in. A pic from a year or two ago, before you got the training and diet in order, would be a better gauge of transformation.


Pic of front relaxed

Picture of how I looked 2 years ago, when my diet and training was shitty

If you want this down, let me know. Just trying to help. Definitely still gets the point across without the “uh, really?” factor.

If you’re truly focused on reaching your goal and it’s not just wishful thinking, maybe take a read of pwrbarboy’s thread. In 2007, he was a 19-year old dude posting on the forum. In 2014, he was took 6th in the Mr. Olympia.

Going through puberty from a child to past teenage years is not a fitness transformation.

Please stop posting avatars and photos naked. Like we don’t need to see a full 5 inches below your belly button.

Between this and the pharma thread I think Chris C is kind of alluding to what we are all thinking. Fishing for compliments works on Instagram, not this forum.

Also you’ve never done a bodybuilding show, or dieted down to contest condition, so you really do not know if you like bodybuilding and want to dedicate your life to it. Before you turn to the needle and feed what already seems like a bad relationship between physical appearance and desire to get attention from strangers online(your Instagram), you should really think about why you are wanting to do this and what you really expect to get out of it.

I understand this post may have come off completely differently than I am trying to convey it due to it being in text form but I am not bashing you, trying to hopefully help you become aware of what I am assuming others are seeing just like me when I see your posts. You have potential, but potential to be strong and build a great physique or potential to be the male version of the insta hos trading their dignity for imaginary internet points is up to you man.


Chris this reply of yours needs to be a sticky…

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