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Teen thread

I just would like to know, out of all of the members here, how many of you are 18 or under?

A simple reply of “I’m 15… I’m 16…” or something like that would be cool. Maybe even say how long you’ve been training for, and how long training “intelligently”.

I’ll begin:

My name’s Mike, I’m 17 years old, 5’8", and a bit over 160lbs.
I’ve been lifting for a little less than a year
I’ve been lifting “smart” for about 6 months total

Hi my names FrontFacelock.
I was 16 in 1994. I was 5’11 and weighed 170 lbs. I lifted on and off and smoked a lot of pot but found time to wrestle.

hey, i was 18 a month ago. im 19 now, lifting for 3 years, lifting “good” as you call it for 2 years. my name is blagoja from new york. finally, someone young!

18, started lifing young, not seriously, but somewhat intensely.

Got tennis elbow, stopped traning for a year. It’s a few years later and I still have it, but i’ve been training for he past year and a half intensely.