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Teen Tanning

I guess everyone heard about the law California passed regarding tanning beds and teenagers. It seems the government want to stick its “sticky beak” in all areas of our lives. Is sunbathing outside at the beach or pool going to be outlawed for teens next?

What do all of you T-maggers think of this?
Government oppression or government prudence?



I’m really too mad about shit like this to elaborate intelligently. I’ll let someone else do that.

I wonder which political party is responsible for this? I’m going to do some research to find out. Its oppression or as close as you can get to a “paternalistic/father type” government as you can get. Say…1984?

My recall is that it`s something against

  1. Tanning booths
  2. For teens

How do hell does that prevent sunbathing ?

As for the rest, my usual rant:

a) Make it user-payer. Create a special tax Skin Cancer Tsunami Emergency Fund. Have the taxes collected by the governement AND managed/redistributed by the private sector
b) Have people sign Risk Disclosures.

A democrat introduced it, but I am sure somehow it will get blamed on the religous right wing conspiracy…

Good idea plain and simple!

20 years old are already looking like 50 year olds because of the convenience of tanning beds.

PGA- it isnt an issue the gov should get involved with. If you support them invading this, then you cant dislike their invading of the supplement world without being hypocritical…

Before I make the following comment please allow me to put on my flame retardant suite…alright then. I’ve been tanning since I was 17 (btw I’m 24 now). I typically go 2-3 days a week/ sometimes more in the winter. Both of my parents have spent a large amount of time in the sun ie. work/have worked outdoors for many years, go tanning, and LOVE the beach. Some of my earlier family members were VERY DARK read; black @ spanish. I will continue to enjoy the sun/tanning for the rest of my life. It makes me feel better as long as I don’t get BURNT (key word).

Anyway it’s obviously complete BULLSHIT that the gov. can step in on something like this, but I’m really not at all suprised. I’d just think that considering how beautiful the weather is out in Cali that it wouldn’t be that big and issue. SHIT just go outside for an hour or so.

This bill is dealing with teens, not adults. Teens should not have access to most supplements (other than protein, multi and oils) to begin with and you cannot compare the two. The supplement regulation is for all people and that is going a bit overboard to say the least but this is something that is proven to cause cancer and in a very short time skin cancer can develop.

They’re teenagers. Get outraged when they try this shit on adults.

Nephorm…its only a matter of time before the camel’s nose is under the tent of adults also. this sets a precedent. can’t you see that? and who knows if all the skin cancer “death rates” are really the fault of tanning beds? in a main article on this topic…they quoted x many deaths per year from melanoma. now, the article didn’t specify the age of the people who died…where they lived…and how much/what kind of skin damage they were exposed to. its like quoting deaths from ephedrine: conspicously left out of those reports were the person’s state of health…the other chemicals present in the person’s system!!!..and the enviroment in which the death occured!

PGA200X…the question is how many TEENAGERS or even young adults have died from skin cancer derived from tanning beds!!! what is that information if it exists at all???

If the articles I have read are true…its the stupidcrats who are responsible for this outrage.
But I am an equal opprotunity hater of government control…I despise the things Bush said about steriods and the way alot of republicans were for banning andro products!
I say…DOWN WITH BOTH PARTIES!!!..thats why I vote Libertarian…

Imposing legislation on a demographic that is unable to protect themselves (no voting rights) smells like the government trying to take over a traditional parental responsibility.

If they’re going to start passing laws about tanning… what’s next? Even if the tanning issue doesn’t concern you, a basic ‘slippery slope’ argument should be cause for some alarm.

American government is getting a little crazy, IMHO.

anyone ever heard the phrase “slippery slope?”

Uh, last time I checked there were laws that:
A) ban teenage drinking
B) ban teenage smoking
C) regulate child labor
D) impose curfews on minors
E) impose rape penalties on adults that sleep with minors (within a range)
F) prevent minors from being able to enter into a binding contract without parental consent
G) protect minors from overzealous parenting

If you’re going to be upset about anything, be upset at the erosion of parental rights, rather than the minors’ rights. The government IS charged with acting as a surrogate parent for children, under certain circumstances. Generally, children do not have ALL of the rights that adults do, in exchange for the greater protection they are afforded under the law.

“There is a big difference between going to the beach and a tanning salon,” said the bill’s author, Assemblyman Joe Nation, a Democrat. “When kids go to the beach they put on sun screen.”

please, tell me nobody is that stupid?
-if your not going to wear sunscreen, who the fuck cares where the UV rays come from.


Heh, sure, the government tries to set up some rules…

A) ban teenage drinking
B) ban teenage smoking
D) impose curfews on minors

However, aren’t the cool kids the ones that ignore these rules anyway?

So now, will Billy or Jane go to school with a wicked tan they’ll be the cool ones while everyone else is pasty faced and wishing they could tan?

The whole thing is stupid. I guess you could argue that teens don’t understand the risks involved and hence should be saved from themselves, because obviously people voted this in on some basis.

Looks like more of the apocalypse to me. Clop clop clop clop clop clop…

well said nephorm. but I dont think the government should be forced to do the parenting… kind of like sex ed in grade school instead of… oh, say… MATH. At some point it has to stop or the governement will be the parents… and that doesnt sound to good to me.

and I could have sworn I read it was anyone under 21…

A 16 year old girl can get an abortion without poarental consent, but it’s a crime to go to a tanning bed. Beam me up, Scotty

Come on vroom…for once…admit the democrats are WRONG HERE!!! It won’t hurt to admit it bro!..believe me!
As I said earlier…I am an equal opportunity hater of government control! and that includes “republinuts!”
So, you can see not all of use are “puppets”…“rabid”…or “brainwashed” to criticize ANYONE! that is doing something stupid!

The interesting thing here is that according to some of you…laying in a tanning bed is as “hazardous” or “dangerous” as smoking and ETOH!
Give me a physical break!!!..whats happened to your brains T-maggers???

I don’t think there is enough governmental restriction for teens. Others bans I’d like to see involve running with scissors, sticking utensils in the toaster, roughhousing at swimming pools, and loitering in undesignated areas without helmets…