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Teen Roids HELP


basically, im 17, 6'3 and ive been lifting for a few years but every time basketball season comes around i lose 10-15 lbs...well, i just finished my last season and ive began lifting AGAIN and gained 11 pounds in a little over a month while eating a huge amount of food and taking TRAC Xtreme (creatine)..so now i way 182...now im taking NO Xplode and people keep telling me these NO products and anything with arginine doesnt work, even tho i seem to have alot of success with them...

i recently upped my protein intake to roughly 160-200 grams a day...but to make a long story short...i want to gain 15-20 more pounds as quickly as possible and believe me im willing to work for it..but is it safe for someone my age to use roids? if so, what should i use? if not, why, and what specific alternative products can i use? and if i use roids i only want to do one maybe 2 cycles, and is it true when you stop you lose your strength/size gains??


There are definitly no one who would advise a teenager on using steroids. You havn't even reached your peak of your own natural testosterone production. You have so much to loose by trying steroids right now.

For example the weight you have gained, and the weight you say you usually gain, is not muscle, or at least 95% not muscle. Most of it is a gain in water weight and fat retention from your increased caloric intake. Yes, As more sugars are stored in the body, water has to be stored along side it.

If you take steroids, I don't think it will give you the lasting muscle/ size gains you are looking for. The reason for this is for one you haven't developed nearly enough androgen receptors to reap the full benifit of the drugs. This comes from years of proper training - the bigger your natty muscle get, the more androgen receptors they contain. That is why someone like me, could gain as much as 25 lbs on his first cycle and keep 15, where as you will be lucky to gain 10 lbs, and keep about 2 in lean muscle gains.

Now the risks you run with steroid use, includes but is not limited to: an increase in acne - I have seen guys your age break out so bad they looked like the calendar boy for the 'before' picture of proactive acne. This acne is very stubborn to get rid of.

Closure prematurely of the epipheseal plates (growth plates) These are caused by estrogen aromatizing (converting) from the steroid you take, and binding with receptors in the ends of your bones to cause your growth to stunt - not a good ideal if your doing this for B-Ball.

Impotency. You wouldn't believe how many guys your age who have done steroids suffer from this. At 17 I could get a boner just thinking about thinking about a girl. Why would you wnat to throw that away? - as it never comes back the same as at your age.

Now of course if you are supceptable to depression, and any of the above sides do happen to you, your going to be in a world of hurt, so please weigh out the pros and cons very seriously.

What you should try first before resorting to steroids, is to enlist the help of a very good personal trainer and diet guru. I can see from what you have said regarding your protein intake, that you are lacking in that area - it should be in the 300 g level. You need to learn when to eat and what to eat, and when to train and how to train. Take the money you would spend on juice and learn instead.

There is a good chance that with your natural hormone levels, and the knowledge of a good trainer and diet guru backing you up, that you could gain those 20lbs sooner than later, and all natural!

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You don't need them.

Don't think about them.


No its not safe for someone your age. You are still young and your test levels are fairly elevated. Up your calories about 250 a day for a week. Watch the scale; if it goes up continue doing the same. If it doesn't or stops then up your calories again. Eat 6-8 times a day. Dont waste your money on fancy NO products and bs; spend it on good food and quality protein. Stick the the basic compound movements: Squat, Deads, Bench, Cleans, Rows




This has been done to many times to actually warrant an honest and detailled answer.

Should you: No
Why: Use the search engine
Alternative: Eat, everybody here will tell you that 200g of protein at 182 is the minimum. And unless you are eating 4,000 cal, you shouldn't even be writing this.

How can you not know that everybody here will tell you to wait till you're older? Damn.


Long story short, no, steroids are not a good choice for someone your age. Steroid use, especially without careful monitoring and thoughtful cycle preparation can result in permanent disruptions in your hypothalamus-pituitary-testicular axis. This is no good.

Frankly, steroids are unnecessary at your age. Pick some basic movements and focus on getting stronger. Don't even worry about tweaking your diet or adding supplements (except creatine, fishoil/Flameout, possibly Grow! and Surge) until you're consistently eating a ton of fruits and vegetables and making solid strength gains in basic movements. Leave the "get huge overnight" mentality to the losers in the gym who push and pull the same weights in the gym for years on end and resign yourself to a steady and slow increase of strength and size, over weeks, months and years.


thanks for all your help..those are some nasty side effects...i think im just gonna eat more and more food and up the protein and train harder than ever...thanks alot..

not to be annoying, but one more question, what exactly does HMB do?


Thanks for being a good lad and keeping on point. Wait till you are over 21 AT least.


Hmb should help you cut up, because you will have less money for food so you won't be eating as many Kcals a day :wink: Just kidding around bro, but that's is the truth.

Alot of people on this board say products like the NO supps you have been using don't work. You seem to be getting decent results with them though, plus as long as you know where to buy them and it's not taking TOO much out of your pocket to keep you from paying for more important stuff, LIKE FOOD, then it's fine to use. I'm parrot what everyone else said and P-22 laid it out really nicely, nice responce P-22.

Here's a suggestions lay out your diet in terms of Kcals every day, grams of protein, fat, carbs, and then let us see what your training looks like. BTW, please repost this on the training forum if you do do this. I will definitely check it out once you post it and see if I can help, btw most of the guys on this site don't use AAS and there will be ALOT of people who can help you out once you post those things under the strength sports forum.


Here's a hint to its effectiveness. When I get a real smart-ass know it all customer (usually about your age) and they want something that'll "Blow them up like the real thing" I sell them HMB and laugh as they walk away actually thinking it works.


Very good advice. Pay attention


I would like to add that yes NO products suck the big one...