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Teen Question

Hi tnation.
I’m sure some of you have enough knowledge to answer some juice questions.
I’m a fairly young person and I want to run my 1st cycle. Problem is that i’m scared of side effects, specifically the natural test production. So here goes:

What are the ACTUAL risks for young people (16-20yo) of taking steroids. I know, the younger, the higher the risk, but lets say an 18 year old (me) does everything right drug-wise, what are the chances of him screwing himself up badly for the future? I’m sure none of you would recommend roids to teens but I’d really like to know what you think about this.

Pls dont give answers like “56.34342% chance of screwing yourself”, because thats just a waste of precious megabytes :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, are there ways to minimize those risks? I though about running 10wks of test e @ 400-500mg/wk. Is it ‘safer’ to run longer cycles at lower doses or really short ones on higher?

my 1st idea for a longer cycle was:

1-5 dbol 40mg ED
1-10 Test E 150mg E3D
1-10 adex .25mg EOD
pct: nolva 40/40/20/20

or a short cycle:

1-4 dbol 40mg ED
1-6 sustanon 250 200mg E3d
1-6 adex .25mg EOD
pct: nolva 40/40/20/20

another question: is sustanon good for 6 week cycles? If anything, Im thinking about replacing with test prop.

People, please don’t think of me as a dumb teen who wants to get his biceps big. and dont try to convince me not to because “i havent reached my natural limit yet” or “roids aint fo kids”…you know, stuff like that. I’m still researching and reading info on this every day, it should be a WHILE before i’ll actually decide, but I’d rather have the knowledge right now.

Thanks in advance :))

ps: before you ask: my diet/training/sleep is good, I dont drink, smoke, do any drugs.

Although I read this thread every day I have never posted in it, but you may not get much response other than told to read the stickies or GTFO. I believe the guys with the knowledge don’t like to spoon feed people and would rather help you when you have reached a safer age and a few years of solid training under your belt with your homework done.

This is only my opinian and may be corrected on this by the guys that do contribute so much to this thread.

get the fuck out.

come back when you are at least 20

Dude I’m just planning to run my first cycle here soon so I dont have much anecdotal(sp?) evidence but, when I was eighteen I was fairly large compared to the guys I was lifting with. Just a few years later I look back and laugh at how small I was. Chances are you diet is not on point, and you dont lift like you should, I know I was lacking in those areas at your age. Get some more calories in you and you’ll blow up I promise you. But if you really want to juice a few of the young bucks at my gym are gearin and they’re your age. They seem fine but I dont know what the long term reprocussions of what they’re doing are. You’re still developing bro, and your natural test levels are pretty high as it is. I wouldnt suggest you juice though. But what is you calorie intake, and weight like?

im right under 200lbs @ around 14-16%, I kept food log for a month some time ago and it averaged to around 3900-4200 cals a day. So far ive put on 60lbs (from 140), but not 100% lean mass obviously. My goal to get to around 220, 8-10%.

@spook1 my questions are rather specific and it’s kind of hard not to ask for spoonfeeding as these questions can only be answered by someone with experience…that’s why I came here. Not much about it in the stickies…

@Mr. Walkway idk what the point of this was. Am I not allowed to ask steroid questions if under 20? What if my goal was only to get info about it, without actually planning to use???.. why should it be so hard?

There is tonnes of info in the stickies and you will find all you questions are answered. I doubt that you have read them all and searched extensively because you would never say there was not much in the stickies. No one can tell you what the chances are and you will only find out by doing.