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Im not well known on the boards or anything, but I have looked at them for information and reference for a while now. To begin with i’ll tell you some about myself. I have been working out religiously for about the past year and frustrated with my gains i messed up and decided to take superdrol.

Im 17 going on 18 and figured hey everyone else is making great gains and just doing post cycle treatment. I took a few months of researching then i finally ordered superdrol and clomid for pct as well as some rebound xt. Basically what I ended up with was acne in a bottle and minimal gains. I did the cycle back in late september. Now I have a “broke?” endocrine system and low testosterone.

I recently had bloodwork done and my endocrinoligist said my testosterone was 1 on a scale of 18-111 pg/ml(22ng/dl in ref range of 1000ng/dl) and my free test was .45 on a scale of 1.05-2.91. I asked if he had any advice of what I could do to fix the problem and he said that I was to young to take any action and that I should wait another 6 months before retesting my testosterone.

I have all the signs of low testosterone including slowed facial hair growth, zero libido, lack of motivation, and an uncharacteristically short temper. He avoided the problem and blew me off and now im just at a loss of where to go. I’ve been researching every possible solution, so far maybe a natural testosterone booster might promote natural production again since its going on 5 months after doing the sd cycle with no signs of the symptoms getting better. Im afraid to take any more supplements after this experience though. I have read your posts and you seem knowledgable on the subject and could possibly point me in the right direction.

Sd cycle was 2 weeks at 20mg/day
Pct was: Reboundxt 1 in morning 1 at night
Clomid 100mg wk1, 75mg wk2, 50mg wk3, 50mg wk4

Have been shutdown since september now. Would something such as Diesel Test help as a natural way to restart my test production or should i just wait another 6 months and pray to god it starts itself? If it doesnt then im guessing im either doomed to have HRT for rest of my life or maybe he’ll give me HCG for a month or so to restart natural production?

For anyone that reads this especially teens that might have wandered into the steroid forum, don’t let this be a thread requesting advice but also another warning against using PHs at a young age from someone with experience they wish they didnt have. Im sure there are those of you out there that go hey i’ve done my research and know the consequences and how to do PCT, etc, but at certain stages of development (teen years) your body doesn’t correct itself properly even with PCT. I was hesitant to post this at first but figured it might help others besides just me.

Thank you for your time.

supderdrols not a ph. its gear with some minor changes. 2 weeks shut you down? how many did you pop in two weeks? please dont tell me the whole bottle. are you over 200lbs? this sounds like a problem you might have had before SD and you didnt know about. your telling us supderdrol has destroyed your endocrine system and no doctor is helping you?

Dude, that’s terrible. Good luck in getting things turned back around.


I’m a tiny bit curious to, however I won’t write it off completely. You mentioned that you got rebound xt and clomid, how did you run them? BTW, none of us are ever going to meet you and we’ll never know who you really are as I’m sure you’re aware. That in mind, what’s done is done. Are you absolutely sure that all you did was 20 mgs a day for 2 weeeks of SD? Not trying to patronize you just asking? Btw, yes something like Alpha Male, Deisel test, or a few other products can help you.

Get you blood estrogen levels tested and your LH. I tell kids all the time not to scew with this stuff but nobody listens.

Your all a bunch of kids trying to be men before your time.

I’ve always been against juice (for now) because I think I’m too young. This has just confirmed my belief. Good post bro.

I’d find another doc, and explain to him EVERYTHING you explained to us. I feel really bad for you, this is normally the stage that teens get depressed and shoot themselves, please do not resort to that.

Daniel- I think pankie is right. Are you sure you didn’t have problems before this?

Sorry for the late post, and thanks for everyone’s feedback. Yes I only took 20mg for 2 weeks. I am currently almost through week 2 of Diesel Test and Fenugreek and to be honest my balls and everything at back at full size, but still very low libido.

I just had another test done to see where my testosterone and estrogen levels are and am seeing a new doctor. He said after the blood results return he would decide what to do from there, and that I should rebound myself.

I had no problems before and my libido was out of control almost to the point of being embarassing, gotta admit you dont miss it until its gone.

I would give it some time before I resort to anything else. Give it 3 months and get re-tested. I sure as hell would not get put on any sort of Testosterone replacement therapy at your age. You don’t want to have to do that your whole life.

If you where fine before I’m sure you’ll be fine again in time. Wanting a short cut got you into this and taking another short cut to get you out would be a mistake. Hell i would even wait a year if I had too before I would resort to test. replacement therapy for life. Good luck bro…

This should be linked to some of the other required reading for newbies. There was another dude that kept PMing me insisting that he take gear at 17. I wonder whatever happened to him?

This is why I haven’t taken any steroids, even at 27 yrs of age. While you’re young, the body makes enough natural test to make outstanding gains if you keep your head out of your ass long enough to eat and sleep right. I remember ACCIDENTALLY growing muscle when I was a teenager. If only that were still the case.

Isn’t this stuff supposed to be a synthetic progesterone.

This is why I only trust Biotest products.

I see that the makers of superdrol also make a bunch of other stuff like Nox that has been discredited here.

Remember if it aint Biotest it’s some wannabe trying to rip you off.

If I were you I would avoid soy, get some Alphamale and Carbolin 19, try to lower my bodyfat and be patient. It will come back. I’ve known some real horror stories with cattle pellets where people recovered.

I would be cautious with black market gear like clomid because it’s hard to guarantee what you are getting is not a fake.

[quote]OlympicGymnast wrote:
I’d find another doc, and explain to him EVERYTHING you explained to us. I feel really bad for you, this is normally the stage that teens get depressed and shoot themselves, please do not resort to that.[/quote]

Funny you should say that, but personally I realize everyone makes mistakes and i’ll live with mine. Also yea I don’t want to resort to any kind of hrt any time soon i’ll wait as long as I have to and exhaust every other option before taking that route.

your a rare case thow… after 2 weeks of sd even for a 17/18 year old you shouldent be shut down since sept…5 months now and your still not back to normal. very wierd case brother.