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Teen Pregnancy Drops as Planned Parenthood Vanishes


Realizing a culture of promiscuity is the profit agenda for Pedophile Promoters, as Truth conquers all.



We're nowhere near Mexico where the age of consent is around 12, and underage porn is legal in Japan,
and other crazy, sickening age of consent/sexual lifestyles in OTHER parts of the World, so if these articles are suggesting
at a ''cause and effect'' religious judgment or societal collapse or whatever, places other than the U.S. would be impacted
harshly first via the law of moral ''cause and effect'' these articles are forecasting.... because last I checked, Mexico is still Mexico, and Japan is still humming along, and commerce and ''society' is still functioning...Why do some always 'Americanize' this
''cause and effect'' thing acting as if we are the only citizens of this fucking Planet?


The teen pregnancy rate fell everywhere during that time.


The previous graph covered 1988 to 2006. Take a look at those years here. The number of planned Parenthood clinics rises, falls, then rises, then falls, then rises again. And what effect does this fluctuation have on teen pregnancy rates, per the previous data? None. At all. As a matter of fact, Planned Parenthood clinics' sharpest increase in numbers corresponds pretty much exactly with the initial downturn of teen pregnancy in 1990.

In other words, teen pregnancy fell in those towns because teen pregnancy fell everywhere, whether Planned Parenthoods were being opened or closed it didn't matter.


God damnit, smh, how is anybody supposed to push an antiabortion agenda around here if you keep showing up with your "facts"?

Local correlativity has to equal general causality, because...because... because Planned Parenthood makes teen girls into whores and kills babies and stuff.

Why do you support teen whoremongering and baby-killing? What are you, some kinda atheist?



Conservative Christian "pro-lifers" are equivalent to retarded Liberal PETA fanatics. Idealistic, unrealistic, intrusive, idealogically convinced, and will resort to just about anything to inflict their views onto others.

Humans not special snowflakes, they are animals. And, as in the animal kingdom, there is no guarantee nor "right" to life. Either you can defend your life, or you cannot defend your life. In the animal kingdom, this problem is solved by the parents protecting their offspring until they can defend themselves. But when a parent fails to protect it's offsphing, it DIES. A fetus cannot defend it's life. If it's parents choose not to defend it's life, then it will die. It is a very natural order of things. Survival of the fittest is not a new idea. The world is not some "sacred" place where "life is cherished". The world is a very violent place and life is VERY expendible. History proves this...

Just because your little book (written by MAN, translated by MAN and used throughout history to control MAN) tells you to "go forth and multiply" and says that the earth is however many thousand years old which contradicts EVERY SINGLE SCIENTIFIC STUDY regarding the age of our planet, so it is OBVIOUSLY WRONG, this does not give you the right to FORCE other people into complying with your religious practice. Infanticide, in one form or another, has been carried out by MANY species, including humans, since we crawled out of the sea. It is a normal and natural part of the animal kingdom. Just like war, sex and death. We are not above it.

Abortion is legal. Deal with it. If abortion were illegal IT WOULD STILL HAPPEN. There are MANY different causes and injustices in the world to get involved with. How about trying to get behind something that doesn't violate the rights of other people's liberty?

For the record, I would never allow MY seed to be aborted. But that's because I always produce VERY FIT offspring and I have the capacity to protect them and ensure their success. Not everyone is in that boat. And it's not my, or ANYONE ELSE'S place, to tell them what the fuck to do with THEIR SEED.



What about Muslims, do they believe in a Woman's right to choose?
What does their book say about it, if it does?....I never see them holding up signs or praying at those clinics.


You never heard of honor killings?


Actually, the graph states the number of clinic PP closed without suggesting reopening or adding new ones. So that being the case, it actually is correlative. The fewer the clinics, the lower the teen pregnancy rate.

It's good not to have somebody telling teens it's ok to have sex. Teens should be properly scared shitless of sex and it's inevitable consequences.

That being said, one of my best friends had a child at 16. What did he do? Worked his ass off to provide that kid a living. The kid is all grown up now, in the army and married with no children yet.


You didn't look at the graph either, huh? Even though it says SHUTTING DOWN in all caps.


Well chicken. We pro-lifers are motivated by only on thing, saving a life. You above percieved motivations are all bullshit. We rightly, factually recognize that the child in the womb is a human being. And to take it's life is the same as taking the life of any other human being.
Try to find a factual, scientific resource that shows that the child in the womb is anything other than a human being. That's all you have to do, prove it's not a human being.

Aye, aye hitler.


No, the graph plots, as I said, a number of rises and falls. The title matters not at all, it's the data that you need to focus on. Take a look at the years corresponding between the two and you will unequivocally note that the number of clinics did as I described (rose, fell, rose, fell, rose, etc.). The idea that the two are anything close to correlative is not substantiated in any, and I mean any, way.


lol on the graph fail.

The peak closing of clinics correlates very well with the teen pregnancy drops. You illustrated kneedraggers point to the T.


In the animal kingdom animals murder each other all the time as well. So should murder be legal?

For example, a male lion will kill another male lion taking his "property". If the dead lion had cubs he will also murder them.

So, I guess since we are just animals, I can walk into my next door neighbor's house and murder him and his family, correct? After all, we are just animals.

A lot of things have been "legal" and they shouldn't of been. Slavery is a pretty good example. Should Americans have just "dealt" with it since it was legal?

So abortion would still happen if it were illegal, so what. Murder is illegal and it still happen. So should we just legalize it?

And what about another unalienable right, life?

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."


As the other male lion would you at least try to stop him from killing you? Laws against murder are just another line of defense.


Yes, I would defend myself.

How are words on a piece of paper another line of defense?

Me, "Oh God stop stabbing me, murder is agains the law!"

Murderer, "Oh my bad, I didn't realize that, sorry..."


Also, the point is if we are just animals then we should be able to do everything animals do. So murder and the taking of property should be perfectly legal, correct?


My main issue is, I don't understand how you can fly under the "liberty" flag when it come to women, but ignoring "Life," "Liberty," and "The pursuit of happiness," when it comes to an unborn baby?


Karado, smh_23, Varqanir and angry chicken ALL want to allow innocent people to die for doing nothing other than existing.

From the moment of conception the unborn are distinct, whole, complete human beings. You would like women to have the right to kill that person simply because they exist. The worst portion, you would not allow a girl to do that with your offspring. I hope you see the double standard. Logic, science and reasoning all confirm the child is alive from that exact moment in time. Then you attack something I never say, ad hominem describes all of you perfectly.

Protecting the innocent human life of this world is more important than any emotion or desire. Please ask anything and I will find Truth to show you how abortion is always wrong because an innocent life is destroyed every single time, without exception.