Teen Powerlifting?

I just turned 17.
I’m 6’2” and 165lbs.
My maxes are:
Bench: 190lbs
Squat: 285lbs (Beltless)
Deadlift: 335lb (Beltless)

I want to gain some weight and get into powerlifting. I’ve been lifting on and off for the past 2 years. I was wondering where to get started, how high my lifts would have to get to compete at about 175-180lbs, and how long it would take for me to go to my first competition. Also program recommendations. I started 5/3/1 about a month ago.

I’m turning 16 in a few weeks. I’m 5’7 155lbs. My numbers are around there. It seems we’re in a pretty similar situation. I don’t really have advice for you, but I’m interested what other people recommend. Good luck!
Bench: 185
Squat: 285
Deadlift: 300

5/3/1 with big but boring would be good, or something like texas method. Work on form and avoid injuries. The strongest guys in the game are the ones who are able to train consistently and injury free

There is no minimum total to compete in a novice comp. Whether or not you’re competitive will come down to who rocks up on the day in your class. You can look up federations and upcoming competitions in your area right now and compete within the next few weeks if you wish. Best to get into it ASAP get some experience under your belt and better yet sign up with a real powerlifting gym or as close as you can get with an place that has members and equipment that can support you. Coaching is invaluable but also kinda expensive so may be worth considering. Jumping on forums like these and starting a training log for input and guidance is a good idea. Form checks on here are also worthwhile.

Probably gonna wanna buy a belt and learn to use it also. In comp no one gives a shit what you can squat/deadlift beltless just what you can squat/deadlift and this will be higher with proper use of a belt.

As far as programming goes if you’re making progress on something, whether it be 5/3/1 or a custom made program from a powerlifting coach, then stick with it for the most part until it stops getting you gains.

At your height and more so if you grow a bit more in the next few years you’ll be most competitive towards the higher weight classes. This is a long term thing tho so if you stick with powerlifting perhaps in 5-10 years you’ll have worked your way slowly up towards the 220s or 242s. Of course you can compete in whatever weight class you want but it’ll be hard to be competitive in lower weight classes. You can try to squeeze into a lower weight class looking like some concentration camp stick insect looking motherfucker but it’s hard to be competitive against some jacked manlets.

So gaining some weight and more importantly muscle should be your priority. Gaining weight comes down to a hypercaloric diet and consistency. Eat plenty of protein daily (say between 0.7-1.5g / lb of bodyweight) and plenty of carbohydrates to fuel high intensity activity. Counting macros has many advantages if you like the detail and flexibility but is not necessary.

Weigh yourself daily (probably best to do it under the same conditions e.g. in the morning after taking a piss/dump) and perhaps track it with an app of some sort. This way you can see the trend and whether or not you are going in the right direction or stalled out. Slow-ish weight gain is better than a dreamer bulk in which you mostly just get fat fast. Let’s say maybe 0.5 lbs a week. If you’re weight trends upwards and you’re getting stronger then you are definitely on track.

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You have to eat. When you think you’re full, eat some more. Eat often. Eat just before bed.

531 is helpful although I personally would stay away from the AMRAP stuff and focus more on technique. Do the min required reps and fill the rest in with assistance and accessory movements.

Consistency, technique and passion are vital for making improvement.

Good luck!

Are you still doing the 5/3/1 variation I recommended? You could post it here for the OP or link the other thread.

use a belt, don’t be a Young badass like i was and pay the price when you will be older !

protect yourself, sleeve, belt and focus on the warm up