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Teen Powerlifters: What Are Your Stats?


Not really a powerlifter
That being said
14- 130 lbs (male)
Squat- 185 lbs
Bench- 135 lbs
Deadlift- 300 lbs


15-175 lbs


600 squat w wraps
500 deadlift
305 bench


425 sumo
205 bench
385 squat
19 yrs at 169 lbs 5’11


How old are you/ and years of training? Pretty impressive lifts


Age 16
Russian Male
Instagram @alexdaruzzian if you wanna check out my lifts :smile:
My current lifts are
435 Squat
475 Dead
275 Bench
I love squats and im planning to hit 500 by the end of the year :smiley:
Dont give shit for my bad bench… jk i dont care fire away ill improve it after I hit 500 on squats!
When I hit that number I plan to compete and set world records erywhere!
Just you watch my friends ill be known for my strength feats.
Much Love Stay Lifting! And never… never give up!



Squat 90kg :confounded:
Bench 90kg
Deadlift 150kg


16 ,5 foot 8,165 pounds, bench 235, squat no idea probs like 300,I deadlifted when I was 15 in my highschool weightlifting class and got 305 so probs like 405 right now idk.


Have you been deadlifting since you reached 305?


Nope lol.Its just that most my back lifts like rows and pulldowns all went up pretty good and legs went up far too.