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Teen Powerlifters: What Are Your Stats?


Well I can finally join in on this after doing my first comp.

17 years old
83kg class, around 80kg bodyweight

Meet lifts: unequipped (IN KILOS)

Gym lifts:
140kg squat (in wraps)
100kg bench (touch n go)
160kg deadlift.

Got an equipped competition in June which I will do in wraps.
150-160kg squat
110kg bench
190kg deadlift.


I’ll join in.

all unequipped

in the gym: 405/225/485
bench is so weak due to me tearing up my delts pretty good last year.

competition lifts: 340/225/465



I’m 20 now but @ 19 years old I did:

Squat: 405 ATG
Bench: 285
Deadlift: 500
Total: 1190

All RAW/NO wraps/NO Belt. @ 215 BW.

Edit - And have never taken any steroids/Pro-hormones.


Update on squat and pull

600 raw pull

735x3 squat in just briefs


[quote]BigSkwatta wrote:
Update on squat and pull

600 raw pull

735x3 squat in just briefs


Hell ya bro!!


[quote]Singingbear78 wrote:

[quote]BigSkwatta wrote:
Update on squat and pull

600 raw pull

735x3 squat in just briefs


Hell ya bro!![/quote]

Thanks. If I can get my gear whore on again where I am getting a shit ton from a deadlift suit (shouldn’t be too hard in the overkill, you are like a rocket off the floor) then I will pull 700ish this summer.

As for the squat, that was after not being in gear for like 10 weeks, threw on briefs, that were loose (especially in the hips) and smashed that… very easily.

So full gear I should be doing okay.


raw meet last thursday
went 150/110/180=440kg
had more on the deadlift, but tried a PR and missed it.


Just hit a bench PR last night. This brings my best lifts to:

Squat - 365
Bench - 260
Deadlift - 385



I am a weak as shit beginner.
6’2" 190lb, 19 years old.
275 squat
185 bench (this in particular is embarrassing)
365 dead

I have been lifting for 8 months, and training for strength for about 5 or 6. Lifts are without any gear whatsoever, unless chalk counts. I’m hoping to get to some more respectable numbers before my 20th birthday.



Squat - 308lbs
Bench - 187lbs
Deadlift - 375lbs


all raw lifts at 21, 195 lbs

squat - 485 with knee wraps
bench - 300
deadlift - 462

deadlift is down at the minute because off a back injury… totally gay.

  1. 242 class. Training for about a year. 405/300/500


[quote]BigSkwatta wrote:
Update on squat and pull

600 raw pull

735x3 squat in just briefs


Finally got a new multi-ply suit, should be trying that this week, so hopefully lots of updates to come soon.

PR squat was 800, but that was in my single ply suit.

Also, got 600 squat and pull raw in a meet. Both pretty easy, left some in the tank.


About to compete in my first meet this upcoming weekend!!! =D Excited as hell.

It’s an open weight class competition, so God knows I won’t win (YET!!!) but these are my numbers:

I compete in the 181 lb. weight class

Squat: 435 lbs. (below parallel… I can’t stop at 90, it kills my left knee which has been surgically repaired)

Deadlift: 460 lbs.

Bench Press: 305 lbs. (this should definitely be higher for my weight class… this is where I anticipate I’ll get killed.)


18 y/o 6"3" 330 lbs RAW:

SQUAT (below parallel w/ knee wraps): 420 lb
BENCH: 285 lb
DEADLIFT: 530 lb

Its a pretty lame bench and squat for my bw but i keep working it out.


18 yo

multiply GPC: squat: 815 lbs Bench:426 lbs Deadlift: 716 lbs

Singleply ipf rules: Squat:727 lbs Bench :440 lbs Deadlift : 716 lbs

unequiped belt only: Squat: 606 lbs Bench: 374 lbs Deadlift: 705 lbs


Figured this was worthy of a bump


18 years old 190 lbs

455/265/485 tested 1rm’s. Raw with no knee wraps.

This is based on current training, they are all most likely 10-20 lbs more. Bench sucks due to a shoulder injury I obtained from hockey and well…just sucking at benching lol.


At my upcoming meet, I plan to hit:
540-570+ squat
345-380+ bench
560-615+ deadlift
raw (no knee wraps) in the 220 class @ 18.
This will be my first meet, so I’m using ranges to leave tolerance for the new atmosphere while allowing myself to enjoy the experience.


18 years old, hanging around 68-69 kg so in the 74 kg class. 176cm

Squat: 150 kg
Bench: 85 kg
Deadlift: 235 kg

All raw, no wraps or suits.