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Teen Powerlifters: What Are Your Stats?


Just makin this thread cause im curious as to what other teenagers are liftin out there. Post your stats and numbers, if ya feel like it.

And if your no longer a teen, post some of the numbers you did way back when :wink:

Teen Bodybuilder 8 Days Out
Teen Bodybuilder 8 Days Out
Teen Bodybuilder 8 Days Out

something like 375/260/475 at 215. I’m pretty close to the same numbers but at like 185.


19 years old

Bench: 185x1
Squat: 225x1
Deadlift: 275x3

Hardcore powerlifter right here.


400/255/440 @ 198 back in the day… raw.

Currently shooting for the following at my next comp in march, @ 220lb in single ply gear @ 23yo

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335/235/435 raw at 17 years old 181 lbs

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18 years old

Front Squat: 225
Bench Press: 190
Deadlift: 390


In hs I lifted the 181 weight class and lifted 445,275,485 raw.

Ahh the good ol days


6’3 240

285/375/485 Raw gym lifts

hoping to compete next year.


I have yet to compete in a meet, but I will post anyway.

18 years old, 6’2" 250 pounds

Squat 405
Bench 300
Deadlift 405 (the squat isn’t high, my deadlift just sucks)

All completely raw with the exception of a belt on the squat.


[quote]dyeguy1212 wrote:
In hs I lifted the 181 weight class and lifted 445,275,485 raw.

Ahh the good ol days[/quote]

445million lb??? SIIIIIIICK!!

Haha :slight_smile:


18, 250 pounds 6’5’’
275/315/405 coming back from a back injury should be around 350/315/475 in a couple motnhs of 5/3/1


When I was 19 I did my first official competition (did a cheesy one in high school), lifts were 405/285/515 raw at 198 (188 actually)


Best comp lifts raw: 365, 255, 455

best gym lifts raw: 405,275x2,470

best gear gym lifts: 515,405 3 board,495


in HS when I first started to lift my best lifts were at 17ish and towards 18 - can’t remember my weight musta been between
185-195 squat 450, bench 325 paused in a raw bench in highschool, and again at a raw bench only meet and NICK WINTERS WAS THERE pressing 500 for reps easily. He worked up to 675 raw bench that day…also watched UFC at the gym owners house with nick winters and a bunch of other lifters, had pizza, drinks…it was damn cool.


Bench Press: 370
Deadlift: 585, hitched up 600, 505 x 6
Squat: 425 x 7

All are gym lifts done raw.


I remember the first time I did a deadlift. I was 17 and 165lbs and I pulled 405x1. I think I benched 305 when I was 18 and 170.


17 y.o.

190 lbs

bench: 190 lbs
squat: 255 lbs
trap bar DL: 375 lbs


First time I ever deadlifted I was 17 and pulled 225. hXc.


295/200/375 @19yo/175lbs

shitty numbers but they’re improving, well, at least the squat and dead, since after putting like 20lbs in my squat and 30 to my dead the bench went up in like 5 pounds or some shit.


at 17 in my last thspa meet I went 560-290-530 (lost balance with 560 dead)-1380 at 198.
at 19 I’d bloated up to about 255 and went 661-347-639
both meets where with a z-suit and the original blast shirt