Teen Powerlifter Needing Advice for a Cut

I have recently gotten into powerlifting again and am trying to cut some fat off. I am ( as of last check which was a about a week ago ) 280 lbs at 5’ 10.5" ( 5 foot 10.5 inches ). I did some of those online Bf calculators ( i did several ) and got an average ranging from 33-36 % Bf. Obviously not good. I have had some recent injuries which have kept me from doing more than light benching and some light bodybuilding style work. I hurt my shoulder area ( where the pectoralis major meets the anterior deltoid ) under my armpit, possibly hurt some small muscles/ligaments in my tailbone ( still no idea on it ) and pulled a back muscle. I have since healed mostly from the pull and shoulder injury, so light deadlifts and moderate benching should be fine. I am going to avoid squats for a bit since it was recommended by my doc. So my question is, what would your advice be for a cut for a teen ? I am trying to get down to around 200 lbs, according to 33-36% bf I should have a lbm around the 175 lbs mark. I am going to start lifting again and was wondering if SS would be an ok program to run alongside this cut or if you guys recommended something else. Thanks in advance !

Best lifts:

Bench Press- 185 for six reps RPE 9 ( estimated 1RM of ~218 lbs )
Deadlift- 235 for ten reps RPE 9.5 ( estimated 1RM of ~315 lbs ) I do know that my grip fails me around 285 lbs
Squat- 145 for 3-4 reps RPE 9.5 ( estimated 1 RM of ~160 lbs )

My Squat is by far my weakest lift. I have not had as much time to learn it as the deadlift and bench press. I do not want to compete in the Squat ( Ironman Division ), but I know that it is the most crucial lift. I was looking into doing SS since that has you Squat 3 times a week and has you do linear progression where you add weight workout to workout. I do know that it releases the most testoterone since it involves the most muscles so it would also theoretically help burn more calories since it involves more muscles. Just a thought any advice would help !

If you want to lose 80lbs something very focused like this would be best for now…

as a teen with your hormoes raging you will probably put on some strength and a bit of muscle with this as well. A few months down the line(and fully healed up) get on something 5/3/1 triumvirate

Ok thanks man for the advice and the link !