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Teen Nutrition for Starting Strength

Okay so I’m about 120lbs on a heavy day and pretty lean, I’ve purchased my power rack and want to start training, I need help on Nutrition

Breakfast 6:15AM, I was thinking of making an omelette with maybe some turkey bacon (cooking it with oil to get fats) or maybe oats which I’m not too keen on but willing to take the sacrifice, I feel that Oats may be better due to the fact that they’re a good source of Carbohydrates and they may be essential for the morning, I may have oats and 1/4 of the Gallon of Milk.

Morning break 9:30AM, Brown Rice 85g and 85g Chicken breast, Carbs:18g Protein:19.5g Calories: 216

Lunch 12:30PM 100g Chicken breast, 100g Brown Rice, and 70g Broccoli Protein 23g Carbohydrates: 21g Fibre: 3g + 1/4 Gallon of milk Calories: 265 W/ Milk: 1037 Cals

After Lunch Snack 3:00PM Tuna Sandwich 5.8g non saturated fat, 22g Protein, 31g Carbohydrates Calories:296

4:45PM: Creatine

5:30PM Workout (Need to plan this some more)

7:00PM Tea, Chicken Breast 100g Brown Rice 100g and 70g Broccoli (Same as Lunch) + 1/2 Gallon of Milk - I was told to not bother with Carbohydrates at this time as it may hurt your sleep but I was also told they help deliver proteins to the muscles and also sleep from 10:00PM until 6:00AM.

Please critique, Tell me if I have something wrong, I know it seems bland but it was a plan on short notice and as I’m doing it I’d probably spice it up with recipes - Thanks in Advance

EDIT: I’m not sure weather to take 1/4 of the Milk at Tea then take another 1/4 before bed as some of the milk is casein and will slowly do its work through my sleep

Most important thing is to observe how well you stick to this plan and if weight is coming on at a reasonable rate and strength is increasing. Then make adjustments based on what you see.

Other considerations:

I probably wouldn’t down a half gallon of milk at 7pm unless you hate sleeping lol

I would also consider some variety, that plan would drive me nuts. Getting a range of veggies and fats is important - if you cant mix your fat sources up then look into supplementing with fish oil.

If you don’t like oats just have some weetabix or toast or similar

If you haven’t eaten like this before, you may want to transition to the larger quantities rather than going whole hog and feeling bloated for a month.

120lbs =Pound down the carbs post workout, if any thing it will help/make you more sleepy. Post workout forget brown rice and get it in faster carbs like white rice, sweet potatoe or hell a double XL pizza when youre that skinny.

Also get a decent amount of lean beef in your diet and do these until you get to say 150…

Thanks Rampant for telling me about Starting Strength and thanks tsantos

But also when should I drink the milk then I heard it digests faster so mornings or…

Man this is good, the milk thing works, I would try to cram all the calories to your training time, if possible. Fudge BROWN RICE. Sorry but it really isn’t that good for you over white, plus it has Phenic acid I believe. I prefer Jasmine rice. Especially if you are skinny, it’s what I use for my folks.

[quote=“random8889, post:1, topic:221247”]
Okay so I’m about 120lbs on a heavy day[/quote]
You were 4 pounds heavier 5 months ago, when you were asking about steroids. This tells us that your nutrition has been absolutely wrong for quite some time.

Rippetoe’s very simple nutrition guidelines for Starting Strength are:

“[Eating] ‘Well’ means 4 or so meals per day, based on meat and egg protein sources, with lots of fruit and vegetables, and lots of milk. Lots. Most sources within the heavy training community agree that a good starting place is one gram of protein per pound of bodyweight per day, with the rest of the diet making up 2500-5000 calories, depending on training requirements and body composition.”

Why are you hung up on chicken, rice, and broccoli? What’s wrong with potatoes, corn, beef, eggs, fruit, nuts?

You don’t need to track your saturated fat content and you don’t need to measure out your broccoli. You do need to eat enough to make the scale go up every week, which you have not been doing.

yeah have it mornings

Chris, When I say 120lbs I mean around that, My nutrition hasn’t been correct because I didn’t have a job… I took the peoples advice not to join the Army due to cardio, Sleep cycles… Rest periods etc., I measure the broccoli to make it more convenient, I’m 17 I don’t really earn that much so by measuring a 1kg packet and dividing it by 7 I realised that would last me a week, I could do fruit I could do nuts, I will have to adjust to the taste… I’ve eaten shit all my life so you cannot expect me to like fruit at all broccoli right now is one of the few Vegetables I actually like, I like to track Saturated Fat because I want to gain a good physique and be strong at the same time like Dave Gulledge… Powerbuilding if you would like once I get to 150 from Starting Strength, Potatoes I find them tedious to cook compared to rice and don’t really like them as much (I will eat them though).

Okay buddy, I learnt something today White Rice is like Whey where as brown is like Casein, So I’ve got white, Ready for next week when I start

Okay, so when I say “you were 4 pounds heavier 5 months ago”, take that to mean “You gained around zero weight in 5 months.” The point remains exactly the same. You’re eating needs drastic improvement.

Try to decide if you “like” weighing 120 more than you “like” the taste of potatoes, fruit, and other vegetables. Also, potatoes are a cinch to cook - baked in the oven, boiled, or microwaved.

As far as you need to be concerned, those things have basically nothing to do with each other. A lack of saturated fat is not what’s preventing you from seeing progress. For someone in your condition, I consider saturated fat, and fiber, minutia. If you’re going to track numbers, stick with total calories, protein, fat, carbs. If you make intelligent food choices, the healthy fats should take care of themselves.

I track Saturated fat in the sense that a little is okay too much is not, AND I JUST SAID I DIDN’T HAVE A JOB IN THE PAST 5 MONTHS HENCE I COULD NOT PAY FOR THE FOOD OR A POWERRACK ETC

Rgr that, I also like brownies and whey iso pre training

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Cholesterol helps test is what I heard

Cholesterol is the building blocks of sex hormones. That is why the most important dietary fat in my opinion is saturated fat from good sources like grass fed butter, coconut oil, mct oil and such.

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Have a Snickers. You get cranky when you’re hungry.

You can imagine my confusion on this point, after seeing you literally say:

in the thread where you wanted advice for a steroid cycle. I kinda figured that meant you had a job/money to eat properly and you were training in a gym.

But… if you actually found someone who’d hire you, great. The fact still that remains that you’re paying a lot of attention to very small details and you don’t know as much about effective training/nutrition as you think you do. Because of that, I feel that you’re not going to get very far, very fast, unfortunately.


I had a job… I lost the job due to two owners having an argument do I literally need to make a biography about me in a post?, We are getting wayy away from the point here I was asking some critiques on a meal plan.

You need to eat more vegetables and fruit or youll get sick and end up weighing 115 pounds.

Also, with potatoes, cut them into small pieces and boil(much faster cooking than rice) Then mash them with grated cheese and a little milk and inhale that shiet.

I did mt first day yesterday… My legs hurt a little I’m not complaining just wondered if I have injured myself and also should I only eat at maintenance when on an rest day or still a GOMAD?

Thanks for the tip buddy