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Teen Needs help and Tips


Okay hey guys I've just joined this forum and I'm really looking forward to start going to a gym. I'm sick and tired of reading e-books and getting told differently on each of them. Now for my goals. I am short and skinny, 5ft8 - 5ft9 and 130lbs(my weight has been falling down kind of fast lately even though I eat at least the same amount of food if not more).

I'm 16 years old so I believe this summer might be the last one for me to grow a bit more (I wish for 5ft10 until age of 18) so I don't want to get involved with heavy lifting (under 8 reps) even though I'm much stronger when I lift in the 5 rep range (my endurance sucks overall). I'm kind of thinking of doing a routine only involving weighted and unveighted dips with pullups and maybe deadlifts since I want a deadly grip lol. I don't want to get huge.

My long term weight in kilograms goal is: My height in cm - 100 (in this case 72-75kg) @ 10% body fat. Here's a photo of mine (cold) http://img854.imageshack.us/i/dsc00419o.jpg/ you can't really see abs because of direct sun.
What could you suggest for me?


You won't, don't worry.

I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and explain why that statement makes you look like a 'tard.

This is a weightlifting site, the goal is generally to get bigger and stronger.

That's like going onto a cycling site and saying, "I don't really want to ride bikes very far."


For the sake of being nice: just pick a simple program and stick with it. Effort will trump perfect programming every day of the week.

And make sure your diet doesn't suck sweaty monkey ass.


Keep a food log. You should be eating at least 3000-3500 cals a day. Maybe 4000+. Depends on your metabolism, activities etc.

If you're not gaining, EAT MORE.

Pick a program, bust ass, stick with it. There's a ton of good ones out there. 5x5 or 5/3/1 are both solid and worth consideration. It's simple. Execution is everything.

Whatever you do, DON'T try to make your own program. You don't have the experience. Don't think you know more than other people (I know it's hard at that age...).



Rememebr: Reading ebooks does NOT = time under the barbell


Let me get this straight: you're lifting in the high rep range so you won't be prevented from gaining height? You deadlift to train grip strength? (Pillow screams Scooby style)


No lol just the higher weight puts more pressure on my back and my lower back is kind of weak because I've never done heavy squats or deadlifts. And yes, deadlift for grip strength but I know it it trains the whole body. It's just a wonderful exercise for developing grip strength.

Workout A
Incline press (with the bench set to no more than 30 degrees)
1 Arm Row

Workout B
Chin up
Military press

All this in 5-8 rep range for 3 quality (rep away from failure) sets.

Vs stronglifts 5x5? Or if you know any better choices post them here please

EDIT: Don't even offer 5/3/1 and don't ask why


Not enough volume. Pick a program that's known to work...

And as for your edit, that just makes you look even more like a tard. It's a great program that's worked for TONS of people. If you're worried about your growth plates, lifting heavy doesn't cause any damage or stunt your growth...


if you dont want to lift low reps, you dont have to. despite what alot of people on here will tell you/ try to bully you into, just as many people have seen just as much growth from 12-15 rep training styles as 5/3/1.
having been in your position, almost exactly, 5"9 130 ish at 16, now 5"10 175 sub 10%, my advice would be work the main compounds, in you desired rep range, (love 10-12 personally) using a well known bodypart split, until you build up a significant amount of strength and size, dont waste your time with countless isolations until you have more muscle to work with and imbalances to adress. also eat enough specifically around workouts, and dont get bitten by the 'bigger is always better' bug, gaining fat isnt the same as building muscle.


dude lifting heavy doesnt stunt your growth
just look at the high school footbal team there are plenty of 14 and 15yrs guys that lift heavy and are still growing like weeds
your not going to get huge over night it takes months and years any huge dude has been at it for years
just pick a program thats premade like 5/3/1 or stronglifts or do this instead of that dumb one etc
maybe the reaso you have a weak lower back is because of no deads, squats, things of that nature etc?


talldude, you do realise that if i start with 5/3/1 as a beginner - I'm doomed, because my lower back won't be able to handle big weights (since in 1-5 rep range I'll have to use bigger weights than in higher reps) ! And I'm not worried about getting huge, I wrote that just because I don't want to waste anyone's time by making them offering me 5000 calorie diets to bulk up.
And yeah texas, that + my very poor flexibility makes me prone to lower back injuries. That's why I want to start with lower weights and slowly build up to bigger weights.

So OK I don't have a lot of good experience with squats and deadlifts but I do have some experience with bench press (used to bench 198 lbs @ 138 lbs, that's the only lift I remember), military press and rows so what weight should I start Stronglifts with? benching an empty bar or doing rows with it sounds stupid...I won't feel a thing. Almost the same applies to squats and deadlifts but I'll choose safety over ego


no1 is suggesting you do 5 reps of the bar, whether you are a beginner or not, your limited strength as a beginner will limit the weight you can use, if youre scared of heavier weights, warm up properly and row/bench with a weight that you can only just manage in your chosen rep range. if you want 8 reps and you get 6, go lighter, and visa versa. you dont get stronger lifting a weight that you find 'light'. the weight is nominal, whether its 'heavy' or not is down to the weight compared to your strength


and ill be honest with you, your time would be much better spent looking through the article archives for this information. you will get alot more useful and better quality information there than from the forumites, who will invariably just hate on your statement 'i dont want to do 5/3/1' telling you how good it is rather than suggesting other alternatives


I think you're possibly misunderstanding 5/3/1 - I'm under the impression that it will actually provide the opposite; as you're always lifting below your maximum and working up slowly and steadily.

In my own personal experience for a good few months my reps were high in my final set for all exercises. This allowed me to drill in the movement patterns required and hone my technique a bit without really risking injury as well as strengthen my lower back and 'core' ready for when the weights increased.

I don't consume 5k calories a day and my weights are still increasing steadily.

From a beginner to a beginner I'd wholeheartedly recommend 5/3/1. I've heard similarly good things about stronglifts so I wouldn't dismiss that either.


ok poor flexibilty then stretch man and practice with bar
and if u have correst technique the weight you will be using will not hurt you
lower back injuries are caused by using too much wieght caused by incorrect technique


theres plenty of programs out there that are proven to work, especially for a beginner, if you dont want to do 5/3/1, so what? theres plenty of others.

No program is gonna start you off with just the bar, unless to work on form, which you DEFINETELY should be doing, doesnt have to be just the bar, but something light to make sure your improving your form, all lifters should do this, regardless of experience, form can ALWAYS get better.

If you dont want to eat 5000 calories a day and blow up, then dont, not everyone wants to or has to. Keep a food log, read some of the articles (especially the stickies in this forum) and make sure your getting plenty of protein from the right sources, and eat enough to make sure your weight goes up slowly, a couple pounds a month will add up over the long run.

BE CONSISTANT. that means eat right EVERY DAY. Stick to the workout plan you choose, and dont skip workouts.

Heres a few programs you should take a look at to get you started, any of these would be a great choice, just pick one that you would like:

Stronglifts/rippetoe/bill star 5x5 (this would be my recommendation for a beginner)


juggernaut method
Max OT- youll have to google this one, its called something like that
westside for skinny bastards
Big Beyond Belief

or you could just go with a bodypart per day routine, search this site, theres plenty of examples, especially that link i posted


Well I want to do that routine but will 5 reps really be enough for mass gains?


try it and find out. how much mass you gain will depend more on your diet, specifically peri workout nutrition and nutrition in the hours post workout, that determines how much muscle mass you put on. i think its dr clay that has a good article on how to use both low rep heavy, and medium weight 12 ish reps, in order to get more growth. look up his articles and youll find it, along with a suggested split specifically for the program. worked well for me.




Oh eff it I'll just do stronglifts 5x5. Nothing beats experience. By the way, he advices to eat mostly fruits and veggies with fat + protein in his diet. Should I limit starches to post workout only and in other meals eat fat+protein and a fruit?