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Teen Needs Advice

Ive been training seriosley and consistently for 1 year…ive made good gains but i just feel impatient when i know so many other people my age who are taking steroids…is it possible to at my age (17) to take somthing that wont permanatley damage me . .and is there anything i could take and would be able to maintain the gains i make?

of course proper trainging, consistency, diet, workout selection, cardio, rest and other factors would play a part in this im sure …but provided i did everything to the best of my ability…im just looking for some advice so anyone whho could offer a response i would greatly appreciate it

I’m an old guy who is just now considering assistance and haven’t decided yes or no yet. You have a big anabolic advantage over us old guys at your age. Your natural test levels are simply amazing right now and with proper training and diet you can make much more awesome gains than I possibly could even if I do start using gear. I’d suggest you don’t use at your age.

As one with no experience with anabolics, I can only speak from my medical experience and tell you that your endocrine system isn’t fully mature now, your hormones are totally raging and you should take full advantage of that instead of risking damaging the system this early in the game.

Vagrant is right on about this.

Just keep eating right and make sure you get lots of chicken, eggs, beef, etc.

Make sure to use supplements as supplements, NOT as a necessity. Don’t make protein powder your main source of protein. I did that and didn’t gain much. Once I switched over to eating mostly eggs and chicken as my main protein source, that is when I started noticing better gains, but I do add a 1/2 scoop - 1 scoop to my meals.

Be patient grasshopper.You start now,you won’t reach full potential!Hit us back @ 21yrs and we’ll throw some muscle on that ass for you.Your dedicated.That is all you need right now.The pleasure is all mine bro.Vagrant made some good points.I would heed them if I were you.

Get swole pimp,

do it and permanently fuck yourself end of story. Wait man, your so young. I remember when i was 17 training for football, did 2 a days in the offseason came back in september jacked as shit. Just work hard and diet right, youd be suprised.

I was in the same boat as you 9 years ago. I was a sophmore in highschool and weighed only 155.lbs at 6 foot, despite working out everyday. Then finally my junior year I figured out that eating was more important than working out, and i started pounding down food. I gained 30lbs in 6 months. that’s more than I’ve ever gained using AAS in my 20’s. Just eat more than you think you can and work your ass off. It will pay big returns.

Funny I came across this post… I was taking a break from a research paper on teenage steroid abuse… no joke… coincidence.

I’ve done nothing but read for the past week and a half about teen steroid abuse and its really not worth it man. Our T is so high right now that it’s really not necessary to use gear.

Im not saying that its not okay to use it, just not at your age… it could REALLY set you back in life. I never realized half of the side effects of steroids in young males until now, and long story short, just eat, sleep, and lift.

[quote]dyeguy1212 wrote:
long story short, just eat, sleep, and lift.[/quote]

I totally forgot to mention that. Thanks.

You really need a lot of good nutrition to get optimum results.

go to http://www.he.net/~zone/prothd2.html

and find your body fat percentage.

Now here is your starting point
Protein - 1.5-2g/lb of LBM
Carbs - 1-1.5g/lb of LBM
Fat - 0.5-1g/lb of LBM

Keep the fats as healthy as possible. Pizza is a good postworkout food while you are in the 1.5 hour postworkout window and wanting to bulk.

Here is what I do, everyone has it a bit differently.

On lifting days I have 4 regular whole food meals.

preworkout 1 cup raisin bran 1 cup 2% milk. 40g whey.
Immediately postworkout 2 cups milk, 40g whey, 1 banana in the blender. I add creatine and glutamine to this.
1.5 hours postworkout - either meat and a sweet potato or repeat the postworkout shake.

Sometimes the postworkout shake is 40-60g whey and 40-60g dextrose with creatine and glutamine.

The rest of my meals are meats and green veggies.

Good luck man, you can do it with food.

Ive noticed that Flaxseed helps put on and keep weight decently, and added bonus is its great for you. Its got omega 3,6,9. go buy some (its cheap) use it consistanly with a good diet and see if it helps