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Teen Needing Advice on Bulking


hey there guys! im postin all the way from Sri Lanka and i jus wanna say i love this site!
gettin to the point...

im 17 rite now and ive been on my bulking diet for the last three weeks. im a former fat boy and about an year and a half ago i weighed in at around 85-90kgs and managed to drop down to 55kgs! now for the last few months ive been building up and reached 146lbs. i wanna continue bulking and gaining some good muscle and i need some advice on diet and training.

Max squat: 125lbs
Max bench: 110lbs
Max Bicep Curl (barbell): 60lbs

7am - 6egg whites 1yellow omelet, 2 portions of oatmeal, 2oranges, handful of berries & sometimes sweet potato

10am - cottage cheese (2slices), 1/3 litre of skim milk, one cup yoghurt

1pm - one and a half chicken breasts, broccoli, carrots and beans, pineapple and mango slices

3.30pm - handful of nuts and dates (walnuts), 2/3 litre of skim milk

4.30-6.00 training

6.0pm - PWO drink (creatine added)

6.30 - yoghurt, apple

8pm - brown rice, veggies, one and a half chicken breasts, slices of fruit and my fish oil capsules, omelet with 6 eggs one egg yellow

9.0pm - casein blend and whey drink before bedtime

hopefully at 10.30 im asleep

monday (legs n back) - squats 5 sets of 10 reps
leg extension 4x10 (max weight80lbs)
hamstring curl 3x10 (60lbs)
calf raise (120lbs)
wanna start romanian deadlifts soon!
lat pull down, seated rows (wide grip and narrow grip), deadlift, pull ups, each 4x10

wednesday (chest,shoulders,triceps)-
bench press, incline bench press, decline bench, flys, dumbell shoulder press, barbell shoulder press (front), front raise, dumbell shrugs, rear lateral raise, ez bar tricep extension, cable tricep extension, dumbell tricep extension

friday (biceps) - ez bar bicep curl, preacher curl(wide grip) , seated dumbell curl, cable curl, reverse barbell curl, hammer curl, wrist curl (palms up and down)

saturday (legs n back)
sunday (either biceps or the chest n shoulder routine)

I hope this is detailed enough and i hope i didnt make a fool of myself by referring to some of the exercise names wrong! anyways thanks in advance guys! keep lifting!!!!!

i used to be cut ass hell (obviously im a thin fuck!!!) but now since ive gone dairy and started bulking some definition was lost around the abs and overall. (had to sacrifice the pack for gains!! will get em bk!!!). however made some good strength and size gains so generally please but its gettin harder to gain and keep the weight. any advice?

ps. the prices for our whey protein and stuff is real expensive here. all we have is this EAS crap which goes for like 37 dollars or so cos of the cost of importing it! so keep in mind when altering my diet...


The volume on each day is way too high. Did I read that right that you're doing TWELVE exercises for chest/triceps???? I would suggest particular things to pare down those workouts but I'd just be catering to my own preferences. Why not look up Chad Waterbury's ABBH article and try that routine? That would fix both the excessive volume in your program and also fix your rep ranges. Anything x10 is a pretty outdated scheme unless you're changing things up often.


fast food, can't beat the price or the calories per amount of food.

You can always cut later, but if you look back at the last 5 years of eating clean and gaining maybe 5 lbs won't you feel dumb?

Double cheeseburgers from Mcdonald's, Jr. Bacon Cheeseburgers from Wendy's, we have a place called Canes chicken around here that's got great chicken fingers too.

And drop the volume, start focusing on heavy compound exercises.

that doesn't mean don't focus on specific body parts if you're looking for growth in say, your arms, but by working on the biggies you'll get more mass than by curling all day long.

Get strong, get big.


Some links for you:

The Carb Cycling Codex
Gain muscle and lose fat optimally!
by Christian Thibaudeau

The FFB Handbook
Proper Care and Feeding for Former Fat Boys
by Chris Shugart

The Quality Mass Diet
How to add muscle mass without
ruining your health and becoming a fatty
by Chris Shugart

But I agree with the comments on your training schedule.

I'd go for full body workouts 3 times a week, or upper/lower body splits with 4-5 training days.

You can always do cardio on the other days, like sprinting and other interval stuff.


Sorry, man, but I TOTALLY disagree with you. He's an FFB. Do you really, really want him to toy with bad eating habits again?

Keep eating clean foods. Check out the articles Wreckless listed. They'll be extremely helpful.

Off the top of my head, your diet looks ok. I haven't counted out the calories, but the food selection is pretty good.

BUT your training needs work. Too many exercises, not enough quality. Sure, you've got the big lifts in there (squat, bench, apparently adding romanian deads), but you've got way to much volume on your upper body chest/shoulder/tri day. Check out some of the training articles and try paring that down.

Also, you're lifting 5 days a week. I'd suggest working 4 days a week. You can't gain if you can't recover.

Just some quick thoughts.


Nice post.

I was going to say fast food also, but being a FFB he's got to stay away from that.

Shugart just posted an article about that, a clean diet for mass. Check the archives, it was very recent.


I am being serious with this question and not just trying to be a prick, but how do you get slices of cottage cheese? is this a typo or do you actually have some weird sliced cottage cheese in Sri Lanka?


Do a clean bulk and you'll put on less fat.
Workout hard too.
Personally,I'd keep away from fast food because their meat is the cheapist and unhealthiest lot of times(coming from experience).
Try to stick to some free raneg beef ,fish and chicken if you can.It's so much better tasting and better for you.
And if you can try drinking some raw milk like how real men used to drink it.Good work,keep it up.


To the OP-

I don't know if I would actually classify you as an FFB. You started out at less than 200 lbs. Sure you dieted down to a skinny ass 120, but probably unnecessarily, unless you're 5'-1". The criteria of losing 30lbs to be an FFB only applies when you actually have at least 30 lbs to lose. Just food for thought...

As to your plan, I would agree you are over-doing it some. Those days when you are doing like 14 exercises, how beneficial do you think the last 6 or 7 of them really are when your muscles and alreay fatigued? I'm not suggesting you are actually "over-training", just take it easy a little and I bet you'll see better gains.

And bulk to 147?? Shit how tall are you actually?

Again- give some serious thought to whether or not you truly are an FFB- this will affect the way you should approach your bulk.


Why the fuck did you drop to 55kgs, that's unhealthy. And I don't accept you can have been that fat at 85 kg/s


Fair point, he may be a FFB, but he's also scrawy and weak.

Getting strong should be priority one.

This is just my opinion though, lots of people aren't willing to compromise health for strength and eventually a dead sexy muscular body.

And people with a history of obesity and obesity related diseases should generally stay away from fast food, but I'm not sure if the orignally poster qualifies. Depends on how tall the kid is.


i'd rather eat healthy food and take 5 times as long to gain weight than eat anything from mcDicks.

dont eat that crap. for the sake of your health, please please please !

just eat right and workout. it all works itself out ! :slight_smile:


If you eat right FIRST, meaning you get your nutrition in order, then you can supplement your calories however you can get away with it.

Giving advice is so hard, because some people think anything less than a defined six-pack equals being a fatass. While on the other hand, some people use bulking as an excuse to ignore 40 pounds of fat gain.

Figure out how to track your progress effectively, then find out what you can do while not coloring outside the hopefully realistic lines that you've chosen for yourself.