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Teen Natural Testosterone Gains?

Hey everyone I was wondering if a late teen for example myself (19 years old) could get steroid like results because of my age and natty test levels with proper diet, training etc… I only train 4 days a week because I am scared of the classic overtraining. Could I push this?
What I mean by steroid like results is a consistent 15-20lbs a year
My first year of training gained me 22lbs
Second year 8lbs
I thought I would ask on the pharma forums because you guys generally have a better knowledge of hormones etc…

i half-ass lifted when i was in high school, but didn’t really start lifting heavy until i joined the Army.

i went from 155 to 220 in the next 2 years… naturally. lift hard and eat a lot.


I started at 16 very much underweight - 105lbs. I gained nearly 100lbs over 7 years.

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Dude, I trained 5-6 days a week all the way through 2.5 years of military service. More than 4 days a week will not kill you unless you are in the small minority. Even then, work capacity can be built up. Your body is not static. HOWEVER, don’t end up doing worthless shit in the gym for no good reason. Have a proper plan for progression in the big lifts and be selective about how you allocate overall volume.