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Teen Named Tim with Long Limbs

Bear is for sure on my list.

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This what you would be eating Pwn

I hope it’s a polar bear though. They are pretty cool.

Damn dude 315 is a ballsy starting point, especially directly after finishing up the first run. I’ll be continuing to follow along for sure

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I’ve had bear and bear paw before.
It’s one of the less pleasant meats out there. somehow stringy and greasy at the same time. Strange after taste too

I cannot speak highly enough of bison. However, it’s pricey so haven’t had it in a while. The costco packs are reasonable, but still, for the price of two packs of bison (40 oz = 2 days worth of meat), I could get around 10-11lbs of chicken thighs (8-9 days worth of meat). Just not cost effective

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You’re such a carnivore Anna. The top of the food chain pyramid shouldn’t include lions or sharks, it should just say Anna. In all seriousness, based on what you said, I’m not surprised bear meat doesn’t taste so good. They don’t look very appetizing.

Lol I’m eating a crap load of chili right now. I’m just gonna eat until I get full


I’ve been subscribed to Jon on YouTube for awhile. I really like the motivational videos he puts on in the morning.

I have to talk about my experience in my major to a bunch of high school kids (online)

But next week and tomorrow I’m gonna have to be presenting my student org in major classes (in person and online)

I’ve been using positive self talk and it’s really helping to keep the nerves down. Definitely gotta reach my full potential.

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Positive self-talk is very helpful. The world will beat you down all on it’s own: you don’t need to help it. Instead, it’s worth overcompensating in the other direction

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Hey Pwn what did you mean by overcompensating in the other direction?

What do you imagine I meant? Let’s see if there was a disconnect or if you understood me correctly.

you don’t “have” to. You GET to because you’re killing it

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Since I do want to improve my speaking, I’m thinking you meant that I should keep improve to a level where I don’t need to use positive self talk. I become the positive (if that makes any sense).

Ah, I did a terrible job communicating my point.

I was saying that the positive self-talk should go above and beyond simply asserting the truth, but to the realm of positivity beyond the truth.

Instead of just “I am a good speaker, I will do well”, it’s “I’m the best speaker in the world. People hang on my every word. I will crush this”

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That actually really helps a lot!!!

Absolutely dude. Embracing that in college really went far for me.

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@anna_5588 @T3hPwnisher

I went well!!! My words flowed!!!


Deep Water Beginner

Day 2 of Week 1


1 x 10

1 x 10

1 x 9

1 x 8

Bent Over Rows

185 lbs x 10

185 lbs x 10

185 lbs x 10

185 lbs x 10

Clean Pulls

95 lbs x 10

95 lbs x 10

95 lbs x 10

Stairmaster or whatever that thing is called

20 minutes

60 second plank and 20 sit ups - 3 sets no rest

YEAHHHH I did not skip conditioning

Could’ve been more aggressive with clean pulls. My legs have been fried ever since Monday. It’s been so painful walking

I don’t feel like telling a story but I’m pretty sure that if I interviewed with a company and, I found out on the same day that I’m getting a second interview is a good thing. I might end up having to pick between 2 large reputable companies for a summer internship. I will prepare like hell for these interviews regardless. It feels so unreal ngl.


Man that stairmaster thingy sucks!
I like it!