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Teen Mass Gaining


ive been taking 160-200 grams of protein but today im over 200 and its 6pm and intend to do this everyday...ive always been a skinny dude with a disgustingly fast metabolism so i dont exactly eat fat-free foods, my saturated fat intake is definetly high. i stay away from fast food, if i want somethign greasy and disgusting, i go for pizza..im taking 2 protein shakes a day, 3 full meals, and a few smaller snacks a day, no-xplode pre-workout(goin back to regular creatine when done with this bottle), my caloric intake will never be below 3500 a day and on good days it will be 5-7000.

ive been lifting moderate weights the past month or so and gained a good amount of weight. i jsut begain lifting heavy this week and i think im doin okay...for example: chest..bench press, my 1RM as of now is 225...i start with 165 do it 10 times, move to a weight i can do 7, then 5, then 3, then max; then i do the same for decline bench, then i do inclice with dumbells, then i do butterflies and pushups with weights on my back...


You didn't mention leg work.

You won't get the whole strength/growth package if you don't squat and deadlift.


You are only training one plane of movement- horizontal pushing. That is why you arent gaining mass. You are neglecting the biggest muscles in the body, the posterior chain, the thighs, and the largest muscle in the upper body, the lats, along with the rest of the upper back. Do legs and pulling, don't be the person that does every bench variation imaginable and nothing else.


i didnt mean to give that impression, i work out my entire upper body in that fashion, it was just an example...my lower body is a diff story because i play basketball so i do alot of high rep workouts for my legs...


If you really had a disgustingly fast metabolism and you were training hard enough, fast food is not that bad. If your young, you can easily get away with it, and it will definitely help you gain some size, eating some burgers and all. How old are you?


Could you please tell me your body weight, height, bdyft% (try and guess or get it done at the gym and shell out no more then 20 bucks, if it's more tell em to go fuck themselves). Aside from those things is sounds like you're getting a "rough idea" of nutrition. Based on your age and that you're kinda trying to just get some "ass" on you I might reccomend The Skinny Bastards diet, no I'm not breaking your balls it's a good diet and one that a teenager with a very fast metabolism can handle pretty easy and get good results. Look it up on the search engine.

As for the training thing? How bout something like westside for skinny bastards, btw bro I SWEAR TO GOD I'm not just picking these because they both have skinny bastard in the title. The diet is a good one, and I followed it when I was in my late teens early 20's on and off and had alot of success with it, and it lets you eat junk food. The westside program allows you to train the way you should but leaves a day of legs out for practicing your particular sport. Check it out. ALSO, the whole "I don't want to train legs because I play ball thing" is covered in that training article (it's a 2 part peice) nicely. Bottom line you need to train legs if you want to get bigger, stronger, and faster. SQUAT, DEADLIFT, BENCH, ROW, and eat. So please read over those two articles and get back to me with what your new diet will look like (any questions you have) and what your new training protocol will look like and any ?'s. We'll work with it from there bro.


im 17, 18 in september...6'3, 184 as of this morning..my body fat is certainly below average, my guess is 10-12%..but i will get that figured out tomorow when i go to the gym..im going to look into those 2 things and get back to you shortly..


Nice, just in case th bodyfat thing is stumping you. There was a post on here awhile back that showed a link to a site where you measured a few diff areas on you body punched them into an equation and got a pretty decent measurement of your bdyft (and it's free just need a tape measure).


Better yet, post a pic of yourself with a shoe in your hand and we'll tell you what your bodyfat is. Of most importance is holding a shoe in your hand.