Teen Male on P-Plex Cycle. Info Please!

I know a 17 1/2 year old young man that is 2 weeks into a 3 week P-Plex cycle and I’m very concerned that he is seriously damaging his body. I’ve already discussed with him the possibility of liver damage and endocrine system damage, but he thinks he’s being safe and taking the necessary precautions. Here’s his cycle (I’m guessing that he’s taking the recommended dosage for all supplements):

3 weeks:
CEL P-Plex (a Phera-Plex clone, 17a-Methyl-etioallocholan-2-ene-17b-ol, 15 mg, yes – a methylated oral)
Anabolic Xtreme Perfect Cycle (liver support)
Milk Thistle (unknown dosage)
Fish Oil
Hawthorne Berry
VPX NO-Shotgun (1/2 serving)

Gaspari Novadex XT (test booster)
Nolvadex (anti-estrogen steroid)

Please, no comments about him being a dumb ass.

But, if you have real knowledge (not opinion) of the risks he is taking, the extent of the possible or probable side effects, or recommendations about what he should do now given that he is already 2 weeks into the cycle, then please let me know.

He needs to stop ASAP. I don’t care if he wants to finish it up, he’s far too young.

I’d drop the stupid “Novadex” and stick with the real Nolvadex. Dose it 40mg first week, 20mg next two weeks.

Quite frankly at this point there’s not much he can do. All that’s left is for him to pray that he’s not fucking himself up for life, and for someone to beat some sense into him.

Could this young man be lr-norm?

[quote]Power GnP wrote:
Could this young man be lr-norm?[/quote]

Nope. My son. He lives in a different city and I just found out what he’s doing.

I’m not anti PH, PS, DS, but wouldn’t likely use them myself. (I enjoyed MAG-10 back in the day, but as a cyclist now I don’t need any extra bulk to drag up the hills.)

However, I am concerned about the methylated orals and about what happens to the under-21 male that chooses to use them. I just don’t know enough about the adolescent hormonal system and how these supplements/drugs might temporarily or permanently effect it. Is there any way to effectively mitigate these risks in a 17 year old?

It’s driving me crazy that he has some knowledge of the risks but has proceeded never-the-less. I’d like so see some real science to balance out the noise he’s reading on bodybuilding.com. Anything to help head off the next cycle, which will be hard since the gains are visible but the damage is not.

The long term effects of the big legal designers(P-Plex, H-Drol, Superdrol) are not known, that’s why it’s use at your own risk.

Get him to stop, get him on some PCT, and then make sure he doesn’t touch anything again until he’s much older. The body’s quite resilient and I would think after some time would be able to bounce back from this.

Hey I would say tell him to stop, but honestly, we all know its probably not the best idea to use steroids at his age…Yes its a DS and not as thoroughly tested as real AAS but we do know that many people have led perfectly normal, perhaps even extraordinary lives outside of using steroids at too young of an age…i.e. Arnold Schwarzeneggar…So don’t worry so much…hes got liver support, hes got PCT…

Ive done H-drol at 18…so far, so good…nevertheless its a different compound, and i wouldnt do it again…but i got it out of my system with no known damage…but im willing to bet that people that arent in the gym and are busy smoking and drinking all day are doing more harm…and u can guess which one is more common…ease up.

Lions Pride already knows it all at 18 so you should likely listen to him.

Have your friend stop this product and start pct right away.

Lions Pride already knows it all at 18 so you should likely listen to him.

Have your friend stop this product and start pct right away.