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Teen Killed Mother Over Halo 3




what the fuck.

Well no more halo for him!


This is old.

But, there are heaps of clips on youtube of people playing halo 3 and going apeshit. Must bring out the worst in people.


****Bad Taste Alert****

If he would have picked up the "active camouflage" he wouldn't have had to tell them to close their eyes.

****Bad Taste Alert****


time to ban Halo 3.


Oh, it does. Not quite the scissors-in-the-arm video, but I remember I used to get so pissed when I played it a lot.


Right after banning WoW.




I think the correct vernacular is "teen fragged mother over Halo 3". Maybe the kid thought she'd respawn.


Yup...forget active and positive parenting.


It has nothing to do with the game. The kid's either naturally psychotic or there was some piss poor parenting going on.


Aggressive games make younger people more aggressive in real life situations. In this case I agree with MarvelGirl.. maybe he just a little psychotic

That is one reason I don't play halo. I get so pissed off because I know the other kid on the side of the TV is 10 or 11 years old kicking my ass. I end up screaming on the mic and thrusting my fist through my flatpannel...




Games are to be enjoyed. If your getting pissed then you turn it off. Its not hard.

I was addicted to WoW. It became boring and I quit. It was hard but why keep playing?


Oh I enjoyed halo. I'd get an orgasm everytime I get a headshot from across the map on Shoty-snipes mode. I could never turn it off after that.


grounds of insanity... well that kid does look a bit crazy...

Video games don't kill people, People Kill people!!!


Now I have to try the game! Look out Mother!


What the hell....


Maybe this is his way to stay behind bars & frag away for life? I don't think you can get a subscription for XBOX Live in the clink...


lol thats hilarious


wonder if he knew that there's no Xbox allowed in federal-pound-me-in-the-ass-prison