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Teen. First Powerlifting Meet Weigh-in Advice?


Hello, im an 18 years old powerlifter who is getting prepared for his first meet , im in the 198 lbs class.

I just went down from 205lbs to 198lbs in a week, today i went to do a 5x5 bench press of 90kg weight only and it wasnt that easy idk why , i smashed 125kg as a 1rm and did 110kg x 5 too on thursday, i know that i shouldnt have gone to the gym and do 5x5 bench , i really regret it and afraid that it would affect my performance as my meet is on thursday, 7th of april.

The weigh ins is about 24 hours before the meet and i need advices on what to eat before the weigh ins, what to do and the exact same thing after the weigh ins on wednesday and in the meet day, I dont have a coach which sucks because there isnt alot of powerlifters where i live , the closet powerlifting gym is about 2 hours away.

So, i need advices on everything i mentioned if possible,before and after the weigh ins and btw what do you think of 230kg deadlift and 125kg bench press? for a 90kg, im feeling down tbh i thought i would smoke the 90kg 5x5 bench press like nothing today ! thanks for help


Why did you cut weight now for a 24 hour weigh in? I start my cut about 48 hours before weigh in so you are lighter for the least amount of time possible and gain most if not all of it back in the 24 hours before the meet. And lose mostly no strength


Man i said before, I’m 18 , no coach , and started powerlifting in January , was bodybuilding and powerbuilding.
The weigh in are between 14:00-16-00 Wednesday and the meet starts at 11:00 am thursday so i have about 20 hours , im thinking of eating after the weigh ins alot of pizza, icecream and chicken of course what do you think mate? And more important what should my breakfast be on Thursday and what to eat during the meet its a push and pull meet , no squats i thought of
1.5 scoops jackd up and 1 scoop hemavol before bench
Another 1.5 scoop jackd up and 1 scoop hemavol before deadlifts too, usually i take 3 scoops jackd up and 1 hemavol when i workout , jackd up contains 75mg DMAA PER 3 SCOOPS.


Well if you didn’t know you shouldve asked before you cut weight. By cutting it early on you wont have the advantage as you would get sweating out 7lbs of water wight and drinking a gallon+ of water. its much easier to gain back recent cut weight than weight that has been off for a while. but as for foods I love pizza before a meet and I drink a lot of my carbs cause its easier with weight gain shakes


Tommorow iwould eat like a pig, so can you tell me how to drop the water weight?
I have access to a sauna and i can do cardio like 1 hour before weigh ins, i would go from the gym directly to the weigh ins.


I cut down on water and carbs the day before weigh in then don’t drink or eat the day of weigh in. For extra water loss I do 20 minutes in the sauna 5 out then do 10-15 in 5 out till I’m light enough. I don’t do any cardio for weight loss cause I never do cardio and wouldnt want my legs being sore from a random 1 hour run. Then after weigh in mix water and pedeolite to drink and try to drink at least a gallon of that


I’m just gonna throw my 2 cents in here because I feel like it needs to be said. It’s your first meet and your numbers, while competitive, aren’t groundbreaking. You’re only 18, you have plenty more time to compete. You sound like your getting caught up and confused on details that don’t really matter at your point.

Weigh in at whatever you weigh and just compete where that puts you. Take as much pre workout as you normally would. Go out and have fun instead of stressing over details. Your first meet doesn’t have to be as complicated as you’re making it.


How did the meet go?

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It seems to be too late now, but this is what I would have said as well. I see no real reason for a teen to cut for a meet at all unless they have a chance to qualify for a national/world meet or set a record. If that’s not the case, teens should walk in at whatever they weigh and focus more on executing their lifts and trying to set some PR’s.

For future reference…you got some good advice on how to cut for a meet here. There are also some good articles around about how to do it…but none would advise losing the weight a week ahead of time. It’s important to understand that there’s a difference between long-term weight loss for a bigger picture goal (i.e. if someone decides they’re carrying too much fat and want to move from walk-around-at-290-and-lift-in-the-275 class down to walk-around-at-255-and-lift-in-the-242 class by their next meet) and short-term weight loss to make the class for a meet (“I weigh 205 and want to lift in the 198 class at my meet”).


Meant to ask this thread what numbers you end up hitting?