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Teen First Cycle


Stats -
17 Years Old
BF - 10%
Weight - 185lbs
Height - 6’1

Hello everyone ,
I am currently 17 years old , turning 18 soon. I know this topic will get a lot of negativity , but i really would like some insight and constructive criticism. I am planning on running a low dose test-e cycle at 300mg/Wk. Clomd PCT 2 weeks after last injection. I have my diet in check , counting macros/calories/etc. As being 6’1 , i am not to worried about growing in height anymore , but i would like to fast track my gains. Does anyone have any information and or experience on a cycle at 17. The cycle would last me 10 weeks , as i have 1 vial. Training looks like this:

Monday: Chest / Back / Abs
Incline Flyes:

  • 3x10
    Bench Press:
  • 5x3 (265 - Pause)
  • 2x5 (255 - Pause)
    Incline DB Bench:
  • 3x6-10
    Machine Pullovers:
  • 4x10-12
    Wide Grip Pull-Ups:
  • 3xAMRAP
    Barbell Bent Over Row:
  • 3x8-10
    Cable Row:
  • 3x10
    Decline Crunches:
  • 3x10

    Tuesday: Shoulders / Arms / Abs
    Standing Military Press:
  • 5x5 (135)
    Standing DB Shoulder Press:
  • 4x8-12
  • SS W/Front Raises: 4x10-12
    1 Arm Lateral Raises:
  • 4x10-12
  • SS W/Cable Upright Rows: 4x10-12
    Barbell Curl:
  • 4x6-10
    Incline DB Curl:
  • 3x8-12
    Preacher Curls: 3x8-10
    Skull-Crusher: 4x8-12
    1 Arm Overhead Extensions: 3x8-12
    Wrist Curls Palms Up/Palms Down:
  • 4x15-20
    Decline Crunch:
  • 125 Reps

    Wednesday: Legs / Abs
  • 1RM
  • 4x6
    Romanian Deadlift:
  • 3x8-10
    Close-Stance Leg Press:
  • 3x10-12
    Leg Extensions:
  • 3x10
    Leg Curls:
  • 3x10
    Seated Calf Raises:
  • 5x12-15
    Cable Crunch:
  • 4x25

    Thursday: Chest / Back
    Bench Press:
  • 1RM
  • 3x5
    Incline DB Bench:
  • 3x8-10
    DB Flyes:
  • 3x8-10
    Machine Pullover:
  • 4x8-12
  • 3xAMRAP
    Assisted Pull-Ups:
  • Slow And Controlled
  • 3x10
    Bent Over Row:
  • 4x10
    Cable Row:
  • 3x10

    Friday: Shoulders / Arms / Abs
    Seated Military Press:
  • 3RM
  • 3x6
    Weighted Dips:
  • 3x5-8 (40)
    Arnold Press:
  • 4x10-12
    Reverse Flyes:
  • 4x10-12
    Upright Row:
  • 4x10-12
    Cable Lateral Raises:
  • 3x10
    Barbell Curls:
  • 4x6-8
    Incline Curls:
  • 3x10
    1 Arm Preacher Curl:
  • 3x10
  • 4x8-12
    1 Arm Overhead Extension:
  • 3x8-12
    Wrist Curls Palms Up / Palms Down:
  • 5x15-20
    Weighted Decline Crunch W/Twist:
  • 125 Reps

    Sumo Deadlift:
  • 4x3
    Front Squat:
  • 5x5
    Barbell Lunge:
  • 3x8-12
    Leg Extensions:
  • 3x10-12
    Leg Curls:
  • 3x10-12
    Seated Calf Raises:
  • 5x12-15
    Cable Crunch:
  • 4x25
    Lat Pulldown: 3x10
    Cable Row: 3x10

    Sunday: Rest

    Please give me some advice! Thank you!



The real question you should be asking is: Should I do this at all?

The real answer is:




And before you get butthurt because you asked for ‘constructive criticism’.

Constructive Criticism: the act of passing judgment as to the merits of anything with an aim of helping to improve; promoting further development or advancement.

Following my advice, and NOT doing a cycle will help your long term development.

Literally the definition of contructive criticism.


Constructive criticism: you’re going to run test at a dose that’s not terribly high. You’re going to shutdown your natural production so that you can get 10 weeks of somewhat elevated levels? You didn’t mention an AI in your plan. What do you have?


Hey thanks for the reply ,
I have arimidex on hand as an AI if needed. Also for a PCT i have clomid and nolvadex but was planning on just running clomid. Please get back to me!


Hey thanks for the reply man. I am still deciding wether or not to so this, but i really appreciate the feedback, thanks man. No getting butthurt here either , i know the potential risks , not trying to screw around or anything, thanks.


Would you recommend 500mg/wk?


I mean, I’d recommend 0mgs/w. You won’t find many guys on here or other forums that would tell you to go ahead and do it. And you know that. But if you’re going to do it then you should do it in a way that maximizes the upside. 300mg/w is on the low end when the goal is to achieve a physiological state that is far beyond natural. You will be completely shut down irrespective of your dosage. Given that you’ll have to recover from zero no matter what you might as well make that risk worth it. That’s the cold, rational answer to the question.

A better answer—one that gets you to reconsider your plan—is that you have a lot of room to grow on your own still. Whatever muscle you gain from your 10 week cycle will not matter to you in the slightest when you’re 27 and thinking about getting married or taking that job offer or where you want to go on vacation. None of what you’re doing now will matter in a decade if you screw this up and do permanent damage to your endocrine system. Girls (or boys, whatever you’re into) will not fall in love with you 10 weeks from now because you added 12lbs of muscle. Your parents won’t love you any more or less than they do today. You won’t be any smarter, you won’t have a new marketable skill, and you won’t have any special new powers. You’ll just be you, but with a little more muscle. At your age you can do that without taking the risks associated with steroids as a teenager.


are you an elite, competitive athlete? If the answer to that is no, then you should not run a cycle. Period.


I miss these “I’m 17 what cycle should I run?” threads.

Your enthusiasm for this hobby is great. This is the best time of your life for natty gains. Your test should be sky high. If you smash the weights, sleep and eat consistently the results will be astounding.

The drugs will still be there waiting for you 10 years from now. You can easily be 2-3x stronger by then and 100% more aesthetic. Also by then you’ll have learned what kind of training and diet you respond best to.

If you’re going to ignore everything we’ve said anyway… which I don’t recommend. Read the Underground Steroid Handbook 1 and 2 by Dan Duchaine. Actually do the PCT and keep the ancillary drugs on hand he recommends. If you can’t afford the ancillary drugs, wait until you can.


Alright thank you for the input man , i realt appreciate it! I will keep all of this in mind!


What’s your reason for wanting to take gear? Are you just trying to be a “strong” gym bro or are you a competitive athlete? If so, you need yo train natty for like 10 more years and then get on some gas. The drugs will always be there. No need to take the risk and shut yourself down at such a young age. I’m not telling you not do do them. I am just saying that maybe now isn’t the right time. Don’t rush it. I played professional baseball until I was 25 and then I decided I wanted to get into bodybuilding. I did that natty for a while and then realized that I needed to be on gear if I wanted to be competitive. I never started gear because I thought it was cool or because I knew people taking it. I had a purpose. If I were you, I’d make sure that I have a reason for taking the drugs.


Hey thanks for the reply , mostly to help with sports , but am currently enrolled in the delayed entry program for the marine corps , and am already running + pullups very frequently trying to improve them , and also have plans on competing this august and in the future. Please get back to me!


If you’re going into the service then I recommend you lay off the gear and focus on your conditioning since theres no way you’ll be able to continue your cycle while in bootcamp. Devote all your energy to the basic fitness activites you’ll be expect to perform; (e.g. running, pull-ups, sit-ups, push-ups, push-ups, and push-ups). Forget the cycle…any gains you make are going to be lost in bootcamp where you’ll get very little quality sleep or food you’ll need to maintain them. Most folks I know, me inlcuded, ended up coming out losing weight.


I spent 8 years in the Marine Corps Infantry and was also a MCIWS. I strongly suggest you laying off gear until after you get through bootcamp and MOS school. You are just gonna get to bootcamp and lose any gains you might’ve made because of all the PT, humps, and lack of food. I’m not saying that you can’t run gear while you are in. They don’t test for it, but you didn’t hear that from me. I went into boot at 194 and I was in great shape… I left at 162 and looked like hammered dog shit. You’ve got all the time in the world and you are young. Don’t mess yourself up now.


Hey thanks for all the replies , decided not to take the gear. I was also wondering , how often do you have time to lift in infantry. I signed an infantry contract , and i cannot imagine a world without lifting. Get back to me! thanks!


sounds like you need to work on your imagination. or get a hobby. that’s absurd.