Teen Deadlift Record Question

Where can I locate the official records for deadlifting? My son is 14 and weighs 120lbs and can deadlift 315lbs and curious to see what the record may be in his category. We lift primarily to build strength for wrestling but my son is really starting to take pride in his lifting abilities and excited to see him take it so serious.and want to learn more about the sport. Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks

Every powerlifting federation has its own “official” records. And there are a lot of powerlifting federations! Plus, many have state, national, and international records. The website Powerlifting Watch provides a compilation of records (to a degree) from multiple federations. I believe that area of their website requires a for-fee membership, however.

Where you live will somewhat dictate the options for what federations are active near you and what records are relevant to you.

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I appreciate the quick response which was very helpful

Thank you!

If you’re looking to lift in the USAPL the USAPL lifter database is the best way to find the national records, as it’s a very easy to use way to filter through the records to find what you’re looking for.