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Teen Deadlift 530lbs


My last dead from my last comp. Yes i know dropping is not accepted but its not a very professional comp or federation so they allow it. Really proud of this because I had mentally prepared that deads would be my worst lift in comp and it ended up being the best with a 30lbs PR. Really proud of this one. Bw 180lbs


crazy! super impressive. how old are you?




530@180 is a nice lift, especially for a teen.

Constructive advice, work on your form. You are getting away with shit form because you are young. Take time to set before your lift.

You could easily deadlift more than 530 with ease if you corrected those 2 issues.

Last, never compete in unsanctioned meets. It cheapens yourself and the sport.


Those 2 being back rounding and dropping the bar?


That’s a good start. Read what I wrote. Setup for your lift, both physically and mentally, then make your attempt.

YOur form has a lot of issues, rounded back being one of them.


Straightenin it seems to cause a lot of problems tho. My hips go too far away from the bar,my shins are too at an angle,and i can barely brace. Any good vid to start?