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Teen Committed Suicide Over 'Sexting'


[i]"The image was blurred and the voice distorted, but the words spoken by a young Ohio woman are haunting. She had sent nude pictures of herself to a boyfriend. When they broke up, he sent them to other high school girls. The girls were harassing her, calling her a slut and a whore. She was miserable and depressed, afraid even to go to school.

And now Jesse Logan was going on a Cincinnati television station to tell her story. Her purpose was simple: ?I just want to make sure no one else will have to go through this again.?

The interview was in May 2008. Two months later, Jessica Logan hanged herself in her bedroom. She was 18."[/i]



Poor child.
I feel sorrow that there are so many pretentious pricks in the world.


DEE-PUH-RESSING.....Guilt, it's better to live without it!


pics or it didn't happen




This kind of stuff bothers me like nothing else. It makes me want to choke the fuck out of the kid. It is tragic, sad, depressing etc.

I wonder how it's affected the ex-boyfriend and the girls who taunted her. It's a hell of a thing to have to live with.


so fucked up


It's like there's no middle ground anymore. They either make it so there is NO teasing at all which creates weak little whining cretins who think their every move should be praised....or you get kids harassing someone to the point of suicide.


I just think its fucked up that we as a culture have such an issue with self-image that words from people who have little to do with us can drive us to do these kinds of things...

Its not the bullying, its the fact that we let the bullying get to us.

(I don't mean us, as you and I, but as humans in general)


This is why kids need boxing lessons. When the teasing gets to be to much a good beat down is a great pick me up.


It's high school. Nearly every kid is under the delusion that the shit that happens for those four years is of the utmost importance in their life.

They don't understand that in ten years, they either won't even have much memory of those people or the very people who are put on pedestals now will be less than average in a decade.

What's funny is running into the "finest girl in school" after three kids, dropping out of college, and gaining 50lbs of blubber.


Dammit, why did you have to kill the dream.


Trust me, had I known in high school the way things would turn out, I would have adopted that "fuck it" attitude about 5 or so years earlier.

To anyone in high school...high school does not matter. None of the shit you worry about right now (aside from grades) will be worth 3 seconds of random thought 5 years later....and even your high school grades won't matter after you hit college.

-They think you look funny?

Fuck it

-You're a girl with no boobs?

Fuck it....marry a guy who will buy you some.

-You're 16 and you haven't been laid yet?

Seriously, fuck it.

No, really, fuck it. You need the practice.

That last one is partially a joke but I'm not sure which part.


I attributed more to lack of family stength then harrassment by peers.

As they said nearly 50% of kids send and recieve sexually explicit pictures, and I'm sure a high percentage of those pictures get out when theres conflict. I know of one kid personally, but that doesn't lead them to suicide. As well as just sending out sexual pictures doesn't earn you automatic slut or whore name calling with todays kids.

Maybe when things like this happen the family should try to concentrate more on the kid and give her attention rather than starting a nationally telivised battle.


I normally just go "meh" and close these kinds of articles..

I don't know why this one hit so hard

maybe its cause its the mother's description of finding her daughter just hanging... sooo fucked


I would hope if it was my son - I would have raised him with enough integrtiy to NOT send out nude pictures of your ex out of spite or whatever.

I don't "blame" anyone but we seem to be raising more kids without any sense of integrity.


Agree. Lack of integrity, over-inflated sense of entitlement, and a marked absense of accountability.


I wonder what ever happened to the star wars kid? That was a fucking riot.Anyway a fishing buddy of mine a few years ago told me his son who was always picked on at school because he was big but very timid got his revenge in grade nine football.His coach begged him to play because he was huge for his age.His dad is 6"7" 420lbs.

So after his first practice he came home to tell his father that all those assholes that hassled him in grade school are all now sporting cuts and bruises.Pounded them into dust he said.His grades went up as a result of his improved self esteem and new self confidance.Happy ending for a change.




Speak for yourself...Coach woulda put me in fourth quarter, we would've been state champions. No doubt. No doubt in my mind.