Teen Bulking

I’m 13, 5’9, and 120lbs. I want to do a clean bulk. Any suggestions?
Right now my goal is 2100 calories a day, and 120g’s of protein.
Should I do a specific routine?
Right now I do this

Day 1:
Flat Bench
Incline Bench
Incline DB Press
Decline DB Press

Day 2:
Dumbbell Curls
Barbell Curls
Chin up’s

Day 3:Rest

Day 4:
Weighted Squats
Weighted Lunges
Leg Lifts

Day 5:
Google Search: Ab Workout, I just do one of those

Day 6: Rest

Day 7:
Pull up’s
Reverse row’s

Any advice/modifications?

Starting strength or somethin similar

  1. Training: The workout plan you listed is pretty poor, and at your age especially I’d definitely recommend getting on a more proven plan that focuses on the basics, something like WS4SB. Even starting out with a bodyweight type program first for a couple months to get you ready for it (Chris Colucci has posted something before, he’ll likely chime in here as well I hope). But at 13, a full body, or maybe upper/lower type plan, would probably serve you much better than a bodypart split. More importantly though, make sure you are focusing on perfect technique more than weight lifted. You’re starting young, which is awesome, you have a great opportunity here to get yourself off on the right track early, but if you don’t do it right there is more risk to mess yourself up. If you have some kind of coach that can teach you proper form on all the movements that’s great.

  2. Diet: 13 is too young to be thinking about “bulking.” Just learn how to eat well, lots of variety of good foods, and some emphasis on getting in a good amount of protein with each meal. Avoid too much crap, but still enjoy your life, you’re 13 and very thin, you’re not going to suddenly get fat if you go to McDonalds or eat a chocolate bar sometimes.

^ what G1579 said. Get on a full body program, eat well (easy on the sugar, white flour and trans fats, eat the hell out of anything healthy) and weigh yourself occasionally. Your body WANTS to grow at your age. Just eat enough (as in, don’t try to get fat on purpose) and you’ll look like a different person in six months.

PS you’ll have to experiment with this, but 2100 will probably be too little. Three hearty meals a day will be more than that - and it’s insane how many calories most skinny teenagers burn in a day. Been there, done that (still skinny, but 165 is better than 120 :wink: )…

[quote]sirmeeks13 wrote:
I’m 13, 5’9, and 120lbs. I want to do a clean bulk. Any suggestions?[/quote]
“Clean bulk” shouldn’t be part of your vocabulary because your body is still developing naturally. You’ll “bulk” plenty if you eat right and eat consistently. 3 meals a day, 7 days a week. Eat like a kid trying to grow, not like a bodybuilder (no “egg whites only” or meals of dry skinless chicken and boiled broccoli.)

Do this:

Basic bodyweight stuff will lay a foundation of strength, muscle, and joint health (sounds boring, but it’s crucial). The upper-lower split will keep it going.

You’ll also find some basic nutrition guidelines in that article. Keep it simple: Breakfast, lunch, dinner, a shake when you train. You don’t need to eat super-strict, especially if you’re training hard. You can have a candy bar every once in a while, but obviously make sure you’re still getting enough protein and carbs and healthy fats.