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Teen Bulking Advice?

I am 15, 5’9, 145-148Ibs, and 16-19% Bodyfat. I have been bulking around a month ever since my leg healed up. Gained about 4-5Ibs. I have gotten stronger in most of my lifts. The problem is my physique doesn’t look impressive at all. I don’ expect to look ripped, but some muscle definition. I am not sure if it’s because of how high my bf% is or what. I am starting to feel like I just only gained fat on this bulk. I didn’t track macros, just ate when I felt like it. Should I continue to bulk or maybe cut down. Please don’t say I shouldn’t worry about this at my age because I want to look my best. I have posted a similar post like this before the bulk, I am just worried.

Have you had your body fat percentage tested or is that an estimation? The best way to find out what muscle/ fat you have gained is to have before and after body fat percentage tests.

Sounds like your making the same mistake I made, you really shouldn’t be ‘dirty’ bulking and cutting every couple of months. I use to cut down, then start bulking hard, think I’ve got too fat two months later and cut again. Not very effective…

If your worried about how much fat your carrying then cut down, but don’t be too aggressive about it, at your age you should be doing aggressive fat loss. After your where you want to be, try reverse dieting to a point where your gaining an appropriate amount each week, this should limit the fat gain.

I have an electric tester, but those are known to not be as accurate. And are you suggesting I should cut down?

If your unhappy with your body fat percentage then why not do something about it? It is completely your choice.In my opinion, if your over 18% then definitely cut, under 14% then continue bulking but do it slowly!

Yeah they’re not the best and require exact use every time. Dexa scans are the way to go but can be expensive.

What kind of stuff are you eating? Walk us through a day of eating. You say you eat whenever you feel like, that could be part of your issue if you’re eating trash

Tuna, Protein Bars, Cereal, Chicken @Mence97

If your gaining a lot of weight I’m assuming your eating a fuckton of cereal. The proteins are good but where are your fats? Or micro nutrients? You need some veggies and good quality fats in your diet.
It might be a good idea to track what you eat for a week just to see how many calories you are eating.

probably has something to do with you being 15, bulking for a single month and weighing like 6oz. Not sure how jacked you realistically think you can look at this early stage.

Give it ten more years.


As a teen could be a lot worse I guess, get in plenty of vegetables especially greens. After that add lean beef and whole eggs.

What program are you on?
what do you bench and deadlift?
are your numbers steadily increasing on most compound moves?

What I read that as, is “I am really young and impatient and I have put in a small amount of effort in a small amount of time, but I don’t have my dream physique.”

Well sorry mate but that’s not how these (or most things in life) work. Best to learn that when you are young and impressionable.


Are you doing the 4 days a week Football conditioning you mentioned in May? :confused:

Im not going to sugar coat it for you… dont care if your only 15 I didnt baby my sons at your age either.

Your strength level is part of your problem

Soo I guess your not involved in High School Football now? Since being ripped has nothing to do with being able to play the game or getting a starting position

Your 5,9 and 148 lbs… id suggest getting the whole notion of being RIPPED out of your head at the moment and just focus on adding LEAN body weight to your frame without becoming a fat walrus.


No I am still in the program

I have been lifting for almost 2 years. Nothing but strength has went up. I was 22% bodyfat when I was 13 and dropped down to 15%.So sorry I want some muscle definition. Don’t post on my post if you are going to be a jackass.

It’s kinda confusung really. There are some 15 year olds that are jacked, may be cause of their genetics

Bingo. Some assholes are just luckier than guys like us.

I know it sucks but really do try and stop thinking in terms of bulk and cut. It is the last thing on Earth you should be thinking about right now.

Just think protein and healthy for everything you eat. Does it have protein? Is it healthy? If it is then you’re set. Forget about things like calories and macros for now.

TRUST ME ON THIS. Seriously.


Dammit forget this. Said it before but a ton of ungrateful/ stubborn kids popping up this year.

OP if not getting in shape from football conditioning 4 times a week you’re just not training hard enough. 2+ sessions a week you should feel close to puking by the end. Depends how much .you want it.

I’m in shape, I don’t know where you got that from…

Not being a ass … yeah sometimes it can be genetics . Other times it because they put in the actual hard work needed to achieve. At this point lets not use that as a excuse unless you can say that you have actually put your all into achieving any goals you have set out to achieve for yourself.

Here is a video of my oldest at 16… a inch shorter than you are and maybe 10-13 lbs heavier if memories serves me right since he had just came off of a long wrestling season … Hes by no way was a genetic freak but actually had the work ethic and balls to get it done to be OK in sports.

For the position you want to play at on your squad?

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I believe entitlement might come into play… cannot say 100% .

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er… in your own words: