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Teen Bulk or Cut?

I’m 17, 5’11, at 172lbs. My lifts are
Bench- 215lbs
Squat - 325lbs (with a belt)
OHP- 125lbs
Deadlift- 345
I want to cut because I hate my body fat, but on the other end, I’m still growing and don’t want to stunt anything. So now I’m stuck choosing to cut or bulk. I need some guidance.

You have barely any bodyfat, dude. Also barely any muscle. “Cutting” would just make you look like a twig. Spend a couple years getting bigger and stronger. Eat a healthy diet and do some conditioning to avoid much fat gain. Just keep progressing right now; don’t set yourself back.


What’s your goal?

I clearly have some body fat man. There is no doubt about that. If I were to go on a cut, I’d go down no lower than 155lbs.

Honestly I’m not sure. It was to bulk up and get bigger but now I just feel like I should cut to 155-160 and see what I’m looking like and then start another bulk

What are your long term goals then? Think big picture. What makes you want to sacrifice free time to sweat and strain when you could lie in bed with doughnuts and internet porn?

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Honestly, Id look through the other biginner threads where most ask exactly the same question.

Its very commonly asked and one of two things will happen.

People will write the same answers they have previously, only they will be a little less gentle, less polite or at least less detailed and elaborate since they wrote the same thing to the same question to someone in the same place last week.

Or most people will not answer because they cant be bothered, so you will get a smaller sample of answers.

FYI this isn’t supposed to sound dismissive, just pointing out that a lot has already been said on this topic, and you will get better answers more quickly searching back through the forum.

The short answer is do neither.

Why? see above.


Yes, you have done, as does everybody. Just not much. I just think going to your absolute smallest self when you’re not very big to begin with and have no immeduate plans to compete in a physique sport would just slow you down. Just my 2 cents. What’s your training look like right now?

Long term for me is to be really strong. I of course want a decent body though.

I’m running Texas Method right now and built my way there using ICF 5x5

Then why would you consider cutting? How will that make you stronger?


Just keep eating and lifting. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you need a cut. The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn. Plus, if you want to look like you have a small waist, then build a bigger back and chest and shoulders. Your little tummy pooch wont be shit.

P.S. Dont forget legs!!

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Well that’s long term. I figure if I got lean enough now it would be nice to slowly bulk back up

What does this have to do with your stated goal of getting strong?

If you want to get strong, pick an appropriate program and eat to fuel performance. Cutting is not fueling performance

If you actually want to do something else, then be clear about your actual goal.

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Squatting is my favorite lift!

I understand what you’re saying. When I say long term goal, Im saying years down the road. Now that I think of it, my current short term goal is to look good. I feel like my numbers are good for my weight right now.

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That’s fine man, I don’t want to bust your balls, I’m just trying to help you make sure you’re aware of your goals. Don’t spend your time chasing strength and 1RM numbers if you secretly want to look like a physique model


You’re fine man!

Good luck with your training. I’d recommend starting a training log on this site if you reasonable can. It’s been very useful for me.

Go and check out @jackolee’s log. Its super comprehensive and he describes his workout and his nutrition. Also @isdatnutty has an awesome log too and even created a beginners workout.