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Teen Bodybuilder First Cycle


I'm a teenager I have been training for 5 years now, competed naturally first time in March this year. 5'6 85kg and 15% bf. Training 7-8 times a week with a typical muscle group split. I train on average 1-2 hours each session. My training partner is a lot older than me and is using steroids, has been for many years now. I want to run my first cycle with Test E 500mg a week and 50mg dbol. Use adex on cycle and then follow with a pct after, depending on how I feel I may just blast and cruise, but I doubt it.

I've been doing a lot of research on the drugs about 2 years worth now, and I have started talking to the 'big boys' at the gym about it. I am 16, and I know many of you will try and talk me out of it like everyone else. But I am going to do it no matter what, have a look at Lorenzo Becker, Arnold, Lee Priest, etc they all started at 15&16. This is definatley what I want to do and I know I am ready for it. I would definitely take all input on board, about cycling and any pct advice would be welcome. Thanks in advance.


What is your budget for medical treatment if you mess up your HPTA?


Gear will shutdown whatever remaining stature growth potential that you have.

Do you want to stay at 5’6" forever?

Doing gear at your age is totally stupid and no one here is going to assist you in doing that.
Anyone who supplies you with gear is really not your friend. Some personality types will do that, sort of validation of their own behavior.


Hey lad I’ve screwed myself up once and I’m telling you you’re still too young to start that shit. Wait till you finish growing then after you reach close to my age (21) start the stuff and We aren’t trying to talk you out of it, but think about it for a second. Are you going to jump a bridge just because one of you’re friends think its cool not to mention sexual damage. Come out of that state of mind and remember this if you like Arnold back then there wasn’t any processed foods and other what nots, He started of natural and so can you and you can keep it for a while.

Naturally you will reach a growing height peak at 20 and you will really start growing instantly at age 30 o so I’ve seen. Arnold started to experiment steroids which back then were concentrated at the age of 26-27 years old. Don’t be in a rush of life. Become like a well aged wine. Ok. And if you do it anyway or you already are. Just do it safely and stay away from orals roids.


Listen to KSman these so called pros and distributers aren’t you’re friends. And if you want to get into really good shape then join the fricken marines or navy seals or something. The world isn’t just muscle its what you can do with it and how far you’re mindset and strength will take you.


I want to take my training and my body to the next level. These pros and friends of mine are advising me strongly against it, trust me. But my idols like Lee priest and Arnold, they started at 16 same with Lorenzo Becker. My goal is to be like them. And I will be going to the doctors if any issues arise. even that ‘bignattydaddy’ bloke was using drugs. He was on tren insulin and other drugs that I would never touch. This is my first cycle and I’m going as easy as possible.


PS buddy There wasn’t any mention of test in Arnold’s years when it started in germany. Go ahead. Risk you’re natural grouth, once you get on them its all on you on what will happen. There’s a good reason why we tell you not to do it and to wait. We’re not you’re dads nor doctors.

And for all you know if we tell you that a rock will fall on the ground each time you release it what makes you think it will go up to the seeling. Next level wow deffenetly you’re very stubborn and riski. Everything that goes up fast comes down just ass fast. And there’s only so much that a professional doctor can do to patch you up if things go bad. Al the so called hard work you’ve done was for nothing just so that at the end you can socome to peer pressure.

Good luck then see ya at the hospital in a few years. PS wherever you got the data on Lee priest and Arnold wow it doesn’t surprise me why. the world is just as messed up as that bloody intell. Really good luck kid. Hope you’re dreams come true and last.


Mate, I’m 19. Biggest learning from my teenage years? I become a new, significantly more intelligent, person every year.

16 year old me was an idiot.
As was 17 year old me.
And 18 year old me.

I’ll probably be saying the same next year.

Don’t do something so permanent, with such a large probability of being a complete fuck up. Seriously consider the costs of waiting a few years – they’re not as high as you may think.


you’ll do it no matter what anyone says, so just be safe. In ten years time I hope it was worth it. Sadly, if it’s not, it’ll be too late by then.

Think of it like this: Jay Cutler was winning bodybuilding shows in the heavyweight class a year and a half after he started training. If your genetics are as good as that, then go for it. If not…


[quote]JayNay wrote:
I am 16, and I know many of you will try and talk me out of it like everyone else.[/quote]

I can’t stress enough how stupid it would be, not only concerning your development, but also your health if you choose to take steroids now. No one is trying to convince you never to take them, everyone is trying to convince you not to take them NOW. Wait a few years. Hell, wait 5-7. You have not even begun to reach your potential at 16. Hell, your body is STILL GROWING.

If you do this, I promise you that whatever short term goals you reach you will greatly regret it in the long term.


Out of 6 billion people living on this planet, you literally have 4 names you’re relying on as evidence that what you’re suggesting is a good idea. Even if you had 50 more names, it would still be a stupidly small number.

Sacrificing your health for the rest of your life, and stunting your growth (isn’t your idol Lee Priest like 5’4?), is absolutely fucking stupid. YOU are fucking stupid if you do this. FUCKING STUPID. Let me try to think of another way to explain it…




If this is your first cycle then it should be TEST ONLY just to see how you react…2nd cycle add dbol…don’t do it wait till you stop growing…IF, NOT TO SAY IT WILL, SOMETHING GOES WRONG IT WILL STAY WITH YOU FOREVER.