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Teen Bodybuilder 8 Days Out



absolutely shredded bro great work


I assume this is a joke but I always wonder why guys get on stage when they literally dont look like they lift


insane conditioning


Lol you got the enthusiasm I'll give you that.


When I saw this before I watched the video I thought "damn, a compliment from Walkway? This guy must be awesome!"


Exactly... what's especially weird is the ones that are actually shredded as hell but have no muscle mass so it just looks like a skeleton haha.


"Teen bodybuilder" threads on here are generally a 5'6" 130 pound kid who used to wrestle for his school team ergo had to stay within a weight class to please his coach, ended up stunting his growth for good, then decided to focus on "bodybuilding" eventually netting a youtube following of socially awkward pimple-faced boys and well to do middle aged gentlemen.

I'm sure the OP is different though...


I feel better about myself. OP, thank you so much.


haha tough crowd.

OP posts one video, no comments, no follow ups, doesn't contribute to the forum, gets slammed by the forum. Standard stuff.



lmao... Wow! (fairly accurate assessment)



This. I totally understand the grief he's getting, but I think this ties back to the idea that everyone has their first contest at some point, and how do you draw the line of "some guys are too under-developed for amateur bodybuilding, so don't let them on stage"?

Should this kid have built more of a foundation before competing? For sure. Did he look like he's never touched a weight? No, I don't think so, it's just that he still looks like a relative beginner. It seems that he's also done a few powerlifting meets (352/209/451 raw @165), so he's not "all in" with bodybuilding.

The fact (as per his FB page) that he dropped 20+ pounds over his 12-week prep didn't help his physique any either and, enthusiasm or not, I'm hoping his prep coach at least told him something along those lines from day one.

FWIW, he put a few more videos on his page.


That last video kind of puts things into place.

Good for him.


Way to stand up for the guy.

That makes the dude seem much more promising, I bet he's got something in his future, maybe not bodybuilding but who knows.

Sometimes people, with the right enthusiasm, can do great things, just because they really want to.


Watching the video Chris posted, you can really see that our young friend made quite a change, and I definitely give him props.

I also know that feeling the very first time you see yourself more cut than you ever thought you would be, all tanned up and hitting a pose, and thinking "holy crap! is that me??"

Nothing can really describe that amazing feeling of coming out on "the other side" of a contest, and just having your whole perspective of your training and dieting completely change.



While I was watching this video, I thought this guy looked really familiar. Then I saw his shout-out to Greg McCoy and Destination Dallas. That's where I did my strongman comp, and I saw him competing in powerlifting there, this summer. As has been mentioned, his enthusiasm is awesome.

He's definitely not a big dude, but most of us weren't when we started. I wish I had gotten into the competitive aspect of the iron game, either bodybuilding or powerlifting, at his age. He's light years ahead of where I was at that point.


I think he looks silly in that video but thats just me


Careful, you'll be labeled either a permabulker or a juicemonkey (depending) or both. Learn to respect the underdeveloped :stuck_out_tongue:


That's your call on his looks. But for the record, on his strength, he's already across-the-board stronger than you when you were about his size.
"15yo 5'9 176lbs
bench: 198lbs Squat: 352lbs deadlift: 330lbs x5"
(And you later admitted that squat was "high as fuck")

Maybe we could use a little more of the 'Brotherhood of Iron' mentality, no?

It'll be interesting to see where this kid is in a year. If he stays on track with the strength stuff, and keeps bodybuilding on his mind too, it could be something.


Time and time again those who put down others, frequently have accomplished very little themselves. This kid certainly looks wayyyy better than i did at 18