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Tedro's Log 2018

I’ll start with a brief history. As brief as I can keep it anyways.

I lifted on and off through high school as a typical athlete would, graduating in 2002. Half way through my freshman year of college I turned 19 and hadn’t worked out since the prior spring. I consider this my official start into weightlifting at a bodyweight of 159. I started out not knowing anything other than what you would learn in a typical high school lifting program, but that summer I discovered T-Nation, ordered 20-rep squats, and got to work. Went back to school at a lean 185.

Through 2008 I lifted regularly and always stayed in pretty good shape. There were long breaks (3-4 months a number of times), but I always came back and set new PR’s. IIRC, I was at my strongest during the spring of 2008.

Bench: 315 (easy, I’ve never attempted more due to shoulder issues and just wanted to be able to say I did three wheels)
Squat: 415x5 and 435x3. Unfortunately I tweaked my hip a bit on the 435x3 and never got back to form after all this time. I had a goal of 450.
Deadlift: 575x2. I did this the week before the squatting injury. I was planning on attempting 585 the next week and had a goal of 600.

These were done at a bodyweight of 200-205.

This frustrates me to this day. I was so close to my goals but did not get back at it with the same intensity after that. Marriage and kids tend to do that to people. This isn’t meant to be an excuse, but I fell into the same trap of reality that many people do.

In 2012 I started at it again with the same squat and deadlift goals. I was getting close to my previous PR’s and training for a strongman competition when I tore my right labrum in the spring of 2013. It was almost certainly tore before, but this injury was the proverbial straw that broke the camels back.

I tried rehabbing over the summer and fall, but it wasn’t happening. I finally booked a doctor’s appointment in January 2014 to have both shoulders looked at. The right labrum was repaired in January of that year and the left labrum and rotator cuff the following May. My twins (kids three and four) were born that August. I did manage to get back to the gym a bit during the winter of 2014-2015 and was making excellent upper body gains now that my shoulders weren’t holding me back.

Then in 2015 we bought some land in a rural area to build a house on. 2016 and 2017 included two moves and a year in a cramped rental while acting as my own GC. I moved my weights to the rental and then to the new house during this time, so I can’t truthfully say I didn’t touch a weight, but really I didn’t touch a weight.

I worked out for the first time in almost three years last week. It would be pointless to post current weights as 1) I’m not going to max out on anything until I feel comfortable with some heavy weight again and 2) It would be pathetic. Let’s just say I managed only 6 chinups, and 3x10@135 for both squat and bench made me incredibly sore.

I weighed 220.8 this morning at 5’10. I’m now 34. With my current amount of muscle mass I probably shouldn’t be over 190. I’m having a tough time with specific goals as I really have no clue how fast some of the strength and muscle will come back, but I’ll consider these some milestones over this period.

Bench: 3x10@225. I still have little desire to get a true one rep max.
Squat: 405
Deadlift: 500
Chinups: 3x12 at BW

Pictures will be in my next post.

You know, people should tell you when you get fat. I knew I had added a few pounds, but honestly didn’t realize it was this bad. The good news is that it puts me in a great position to win this!

Chins: 3x6@BW
Bench: 3x10@145
Squat: 5x5@185
Military: 3x10@105 Note I always do this standing and only a 3/4 ROM.
Bent Rows: 3x10@145
RDL: 3x10@145

I’ll probably continue the full body workout for 2 weeks or so depending on how I feel. Bodyweight was up to 221.8 this morning but I drank a lot more water than I usually do yesterday. For reference, I also only log what I consider a working set. Warmups are always done by feel. While the weights are obviously low and will be for a while, I definitely felt quite a bit stronger than last week. Muscle memory is a great thing! We shall see if the DOMS is a little better as well.

Diet for the time being is simply cutting out the junk. I’ll be between 2000-2500 calories but I’m not going to log it. After so much time off and with the benefit of a history of heavy lifting I should progress quickly as is for now.

Chins: 3x7@BW
Front Squat: 3x5@95

Couple rounds of tabata.

I took a couple measurements.
Waist at belly button: 44"
Flexed arms 15.75"

I need to get my arms to 17". Not really sure where my waist should be but its something to measure progress. My actual waistline didn’t change much with the fat gain.

BW back to 220. I’m a little sore but should be good to go this afternoon.

Bench: 3x10@155
Squat: 3x5@205
Chins: 8,8,7@ BW
Bent rows: 3x10@155
RDL: 3x10@155

BW is 219.6. Light workout Saturday and I’m going back to my tried and true upper/lower split next week with workouts M/Tu/Th/F. Still pretty sore but the strength is coming back quicker than expected after just a few workouts. The split will let me get better rest for the large muscles and hence get a little more volume each time.

Hey man. Quite impressed by your ability to rep out chin ups whilst being overweight. You’ll bounce back rather quickly to your old strength levels i think.Goodluck and I’ll be following.

Thanks man! Chins have always been a training staple of mine. You will quickly notice that there is little variation exercises in my routines. Sets, reps, and order will change but this is just about it for lifts. I need to rebuild my lifting platform for deads and build a new dip stand and then I’ll be about set.

Front Squat: 3x5@115
Military: 3x10@110

BW down to 218.2 this morning.

Bench: 3x10@185 I decided to bump it up a little. This was a struggle but I made it through. I’ll change the rep scheme on Thursday and aim to add 5 pounds weekly from this point.
Chins: 8,8,4,4 Hitting a wall here already but not too surprised.
Military: 3x10@105 I dropped the weight a bit as I was wore out from the bench.
DB rows: 3x6@100

BW was back to 219 this morning. I ate healthy all last week. I suppose I’m going to have to change my weekend habits at some point as well.

Squat: 3x5@225 Easy!
RDL: 3x5@225

Fat man abs poking through mid workout. This is what makes weight gain deceiving.

Bench: 4x8@185
Chins: 4x6@BW
Military: 3x10@110
DB rows: 3x8@100


A hernia kind of derailed my plans. I’m in weight loss mode only and I’m not really supposed to lift anything. I don’t have time for surgery right now so that will probably happen in July or August, so unfortunately this transformation has been postponed.

Sorry to hear that @tedro. Hope you’re okay.

Make the most of your time off and learn as much as you can and switch it into positive stuff. I havent been able to lift so in a way its been good because i learnt:

Conditioning is really important.

My grip strength sucks which is why i always sucked at pullups.

Dont be so obsessive over Lifting weights. Just because i cant lift weights doesnt mean my life has to be in ruins. Have fun and enjoy my life.

So yeah its amazing what you discover when your passion is taken away, hope the operation goes well man!