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Ok Teddy, I have messed around with your recommendations for a couple of weeks, I have tried a little mix of everything I have learned. First off I am not overweight by any means. I am 5’11 165, but I am not hard as I would like to be. The leanest I have ever been was when I did a lot of cardio and High protein moderate carbs and low fat. But like you, I lost a lot of muscle, (like I had a lot of muscle)lol. Anyway, I like the way I feel on the Keto diets. Let me just run down what I will do over the next 10 weeks and maybe you could comment. Ok I am following GBC and I love it!!..I take in about 2000 cal a day over about 6 meals. About 1070 cal from good fats, 650 cal from protein and 280 cal from carbs, on workout days. Lower carbs on rest days. No carbs before workout, and a meal replacement after. I am using MD6 3-4 a day. I also will TRY and follow Lyle’s carb-up, eating 100g carbs liquid for the first 2 meals then 50 g every two hours, even though this seems impossible! 1000 g of ALA throught the day on carb-up. Sun. morn I will do a hour of low intensit cardio to help reienstate keto.
This should do it, I am in college so it is a matter of givin up the hardcore partyin of the last four years, any further suggestions would be appriciated…I searched all your posts and relize how many time you have repeated yourself…but I am sure that many many people appriciate it…thanks Teddy

Sounds pretty solid to me, Davan. You could experiment w. a lower meal frequency than six on a keto diet. There are some who believe that eating fewer meals might lead to greater fat loss due to more ketones being burned up, but this is debatable. The absolute lowest I would go is four, and I usually ate five. Following the carb-up strictly is as much of a pain as doing the Fat Fast. You’ll be tired as hell the next day not only from getting up every two hrs but also from the insulin surge. The hardest part of the carb up for me was the uncontrollable cravings I got, and I could predict them like clockwork…usually hit Sat. morning/early afternoon. I’ve been experimenting with 5-HTP but I can’t say it’s helped me any so far. If you’re gonna do it to the letter, have all your food ready and close to bed for convenience. I usually did something liquid or bowls of Corn Flakes. I can say for myself that I noticed a huge difference in results between strict carb-ups and the free-for-all binges. Sounds like you have an organized plan and with that you’ve already won half the battle. Good luck!

Ok Teddy I will keep you posted…thanks again