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TED Talks : Enough With The Fear Of Being Fat


Thoughts and opinions? Personally, I can’t even comprehend her message.

Here are just two of the many ridiculous things she’s saying in the video.

“People who value health as something much more holistic than a number on a outdated BMI chart.”

“There are fat athletes who run marathons, teach yoga or do kickboxing all done with a middle finger firmly held up, to the status quo.”

Basically my thoughts can be summed up in what someone on reddit wrote, “Right. These are fat people. I see them and think about how unhealthy they are. How every single movement they do would be easier if they had a healthy bmi. How sad, depressed and ashamed I would feel if I woke up tomorrow in that body, and how long I think it would take me to shed all that weight. They are not fierce. Hey are severely damaged and on the road to ruin.”

I’m not even sure if I’m guilty of fat shaming at this point but listening to her talk just pisses me off. Struggling with obesity is one thing, making it sound like being obese is a gift is just infuriating.


If she put as much time and effort into losing some weight as she has into constructing her position as a victim she wouldn’t need to do fat acceptance lectures.


she can barely breathe.


Fat-phobia. Systematic oppression. She can fuck right the hell off.


The way I feel is - fat isn’t something that happens to you, and its easily correctable. Anyone here on T-Nation knows that at least. I firmly believe the way you carry yourself is how you will demand and earn respect. I was always a fat kid, and to top it off I’m also pretty short (5’6") and a redhead. I NEVER had a problem making friends, getting girls, getting ahead in social situations, why? Because I always carried myself with confidence and respected myself. Also, anyone who gave me a hard time got it right back. Be proud of who you are, don’t try to force others into some type of “acceptance” movement for something you are obviously ashamed of yourself. I decided I didn’t want to be fat anymore one day and learned about diet and training, and even saw my abs! I would never begrudge this woman for being fat. But if you somehow make it my problem that you’re fat and now I need to tread water around you, fuck off lady!


She’s pouring sweat and panting from just standing.

I was underweight through highschool. I was under 100 pounds as a freshmen. I was bullied and mocked and all the same crap. I’m glad there was a support group that got me to accept the way I was or I wouldn’t have EARNED my self-worth and I’d still be weak and unhealthy.


Also, I want to add that this exposes an interesting difference in the dynamic of men vs. women. There are many fat men in the world, why do we (usually) not see them as part of these fat acceptance movements? Because men develop thick skin from getting torched by their buddies. If I’m fat, I know you are going to let me know about it. Just know I will remind you that your sister is a slut and you have a tiny dick. At the end of the day we are still buddies.


y’know, that’s something that’s never occurred to me before


I think the real question is: what is the minimum amount of money you’d need to be paid to have sex with her?


Aren’t sex robots becoming a thing?

The guys whose only choices are either a sex robot tailored to their specific desires or a woman who looks like her, which do you think they’ll ultimately choose?


She’s pushing the limits a just a bit, but lets be 100% real for a second.

Fat chicks are better at everything in the bedroom.


I suppose I’m one of those fat athletes she’s talking about, even though I don’t consider myself an athlete. The closest thing I do to “holding up the middle finger to the status quo” is lifting in toe shoes at a serious powerlifting gym. I’m sure as hell not doing any of this in the name of her personal crusade to seek validation from others for her bad decisions.

The whole reason I started with lifting was to be less fat, which she probably finds offensive somehow. I suspect most of these so-called athletes she is lauding have similar motives to mine. I know a lot of fat people, and none of us are getting off the couch to pursue athletics in the name of fat acceptance movement.


I suppose that depends on what the definition of sex is…?

She does have a British accent, so she has that.


A British pig is still a pig none the less.


I knew a fat chick named Anna. We called her Anna Ate the King.

Anyone need coloring books? Playdough?


there was a fat girl at my school called Sarah.

We called her Fat Sarah.


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oh come on; you’ve got to have a price.

I’ll put this out there: 5 grand. I’d have sex with her for five grand.


right, but how???