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Ted Nugent on 2nd Amendment


Made me smile.


LOL. He's a little nuts.

He should run for office or something in texas.


The fact that you, and many many others, would think or call him "a little bit nuts" for proposing that it is his god given and constitutional right to defend himself and his property by any means necessary is the point he is trying to make.


oh no, you missread me. I think he's nuts for many reasons, none of which include his stance on the second amendment.

I agree with the guy. It's the way he carries himself.

I'd vote for him.

Edit: as evidence, I just bought a IWB holster for my Glock this afternoon.


He is NOT a little nuts, he is more passionate about what this country should be about. He might come across as "a little nuts" simply because he is NOT PC as he talks about a given subject. Certain lines he doesn't cross and nor should he, but he speaks the truth. I hope he runs for office in this country. He would have my vote.


Ted is right. I could not tell you how many times I would hear guys talking about their next crime, laughing at how the judge only gave them such little time. If we used Ted's policy, maybe criminals would not be so quick to recommit.


I was guessing, but Ted is against abortion as well. Glad my assumption was correct ; )




What holster did you get?


A galco kingtuk.





Yeah, I saw that when they first introduced it. I was wondering when a major manufacturer was gonna start making their own "Crossbreed" holster...


It's pretty comfortable and I like the retention it has.


I like Ted too, but he is a nut :slight_smile:


Yea but if the shit hit the fan and the world was going to end. I want to be Ted's BFF.


No doubt...Uncle Ted gets PALLETS of ammo. Not 250rd mega-packs like me...



Nothing wrong with nuts :slight_smile:


Okay anybody have a clue how much a fucking pallet of ammo would cost?


I'm curious too. How much could I save on .357 mag ammo?


a lot if you learn to also reload... best investment i have made in a while...

from buying pallets of things for stores in the past, you can usually get a 30-60% discount when you buy in bulk (pallets)....


Is there a correlation between gun ownership and crime rates?