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Ted Kennedy for Reagan?

This has been bugging me for a while.

Back during the 1980 Presidential election, there was a TV commercial paid for by a group called “Democrats for Reagan”.

Appearing on this commercial, and endorsing Reagan’s bid for the presidency, was Senator Edward Kennedy, who just days earlier had lost the Democratic nomination to Jimmy Carter.

I only saw the commercial air once, and after Reagan’s landslide victory, the whole affair just sort of vanished down the memory hole.

I keep trying to find evidence of this commercial, or of Teddy Kennedy’s involvement with the group, but keep turning up nothing. Nobody seems to remember this commercial, and my left-wing friends (yes, I do have a couple) who were old enough to remember the election just look aghast at me when I ask them about this, as if I had suggested that Jerry Falwell was once an Ozzie Osborne fan.

I’m quite sure that my 11-year old mind could not have manufactured this out of whole cloth. Anybody else have any recollection of this at all?


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