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Technogym Purestrength

My gym just got a bunch of these machines, and I was trying them out today. I was pleasantly surprised; all plate loaded and the motions felt very natural.

Three different machines for chest: normal, incline and wide. All of them seated in an upright position.

I’ve seen it mentioned in the forums that you lay on your back in the Hammer Strength bench press, and that this is superior to seated pressing. As secondary exercises I feel these machines would do fine, though.

The leg press was great, I thought.

Anyone else try these machines?

I like the look of the leg press, outside of that, a lot of the pressing machines look very similar to the Hammer Strength series.

Looks like HammerStrength to me?

Question for everyone else that has used the Technogym Leg Press:

How did you like it?
Did you feel it had a limited ROM? (Could not go deep enough)
Was the platform wide enough for your feet?

Bumblebee … is that you?

[quote]dday wrote:
Looks like HammerStrength to me?[/quote]

HAMMER STRENGTH with brighter colors.

I agree, my gym has all of those machines except the leg press, made by hammer strength lol.