Techno Viking

This is one serious looking dude with a set of dance moves to match! Watch the video with the sound on to fully appreciate the atmosphere, it’s MAD!

That stare-down gave me chills…

please tell me this is not new to you…

[quote]Ratchet wrote:
please tell me this is not new to you…[/quote]


If you really wanna see the TechnoViking in action you gotta check out the “Beat It” version … it’s fuckin hilarious

[quote]Ratchet wrote:
please tell me this is not new to you…[/quote]

Ok’ it’s not new to me!

I dont know if you have ever noticed, but in life some things tend to pass you by and I am afraid this one did! I saw it on TV last night and thought what a mad looking bastard! So for the benefit of the people who missed the boat on this one I thought I’d share it

[quote]Rogair wrote:
That stare-down gave me chills…[/quote]

He meant business!

The whole sequence from the push, the stare down, the camera moving off as he lead the pack to those maniac dance moves was classic!

There’s also tons of people who think TechnoViking may be as straight as a rainbow. All I know is, that video was taken from FuckParade in Berlin which is apparently a very leftist thing. Either way, he’s the most badass dude on youTube