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Techniques for Muscle Size?


Let’s give credit where it’s due: @FormerlyFast, the “Deli Lama” was hilarious.


The vertical diet is great but it won’t necessarily help you pinpoint what’s fucking with you, assuming you movie to the vertical diet and something still is.

I really recommend checking out the PN article on the elimination diet. You only do it for a short time.


Ha, thanks, it must come up a lot because it popped up on an image search at the top.


Training program for both size and strength - https://www.t-nation.com/workouts/indigo-project, do the “hypertrophy” phase. Great programming! After you finish it, considering going into a program more focused on gaining size, utilizing your new found strength. https://www.t-nation.com/workouts/tried-and-true-bodybuilding-program-template


Thank you!


Ok I’ve tried doing vertical I was getting the worst acid reflux from it, I don’t actually think it’s a dairy issue I think it’s a issue with GERD I’ve always done terrible at long distance running due to having GERD and being unable to properly breathe I should be seeing a gastrologist soon.


why are you ignoring my advice to do the elimination diet? Why do you hate me? What did I ever do to you? Why don’t you love me?

Do the elimination diet. Seriously. It’s only like 6 weeks and could change your life for the better, forever.

Just do the elimination diet.

Do it.


I’m starting to think you and I have the same bug with the forums where our comments don’t show up to certain posters. As that’s the only reason I can think that we’d both get ignored so much.


I would actually prefer if that were the case, rather than be ignored deliberately.


No I’m actually not I’ve eliminated during my 2 years of lifting… Dairy, Fizzy Drinks, Caffeine, High Fat foods, Gluten and much more I wish it was that easy I would suspect the gastrologist will help me with eliminating foods I’m not ignoring you by any means.


this actually shows us very specifically that you don’t know what the hell the elmination diet even is. Because that’s not it.


Nonsense, the elimination diet is a 2-year, 6000 cal a day plan where you eliminate foods one by one until you’re stuck getting all your calories from pepto bismol.


In what order do you eliminate foods to end up with this as your last item?


Any sources of vitamin C first. The objective is to get scurvy as quick as possible. Then anything green. Useless yucky stuff anyway. Everything else is at your discretion, but for gods sake, save your money for the pepto bismol phase, there’s like no calories in that stuff.


You could try GOMOMAD

Gallon of milk of magnesia a day.


THAT FUCKED ME UP BIG TIME lol that being said I don’t think my problem IS dairy BUT… having that much dairy probably causes problems for a lot of people I did that when I first started out a gallon of milk and 3 small meals a day but then again it might have been because I was 55kg eating fuck all then jumping straight to 4k+ cals.


I think you may have misread my post.

Please do not ever drink a gallon of milk of magnesia a day.


I heard of GOBAD adds some mad size Gallon of Bleach a Day.


Would clean out your insides, that’s for sure.

I have actually read on forums about guys doing a “cleanse,” where they essentially chug an entire bottle of milk of magnesia to, like, clear themselves out or whatever. The idea being it removes all the built up badness in your intestines.

It’s just one of those retarded things people do like juice fasts. There’s no benefit to shitting out your entire microbiome.


Some guy who was really toxic in my old school was on about this, I never even said anything because I wanted him to do it lol.