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Techniques for Muscle Size?

You do, undeniably. You’ve talked about it several threads over the last few years. Your body isn’t healthy. Literally, it’s not working properly from the inside out. A 170-pound body does not require 5,500 calories unless there’s a major processing and absorption problem.

Addressing the issue is fundamental to progress (as well as, ya know, life) and any money spent on seeing a gastroenterologist will more than make up for having to keep spending whatever it costs to eat that many calories every day.

About the training, the routine in that sample pic doesn’t appear to be an approach that’s significantly focused on growth. It’s low volume and, presuming it’s done once a week, it’s also low frequency.

Unless you’re taking every single set to muscle failure (not just the drop sets), it’s also relatively low intensity. That’s a 3-way combo for minimal progress. One or two of those factors need to be increased.


“So what do you think of this sample training plan”

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Okay, at least a couple people hopped into here to address why my question wasn’t off topic. There are two scenarios here: 1. You’re just not eating anywhere near that amount, which @flipcollar covered, and which I happen to agree with. BUT, in the unlikely scenario you ARE, imagine how fucked you are, since the amount of food you’d have to eat to really get big would be astronomical and unsustainable. Also, overeating (provided it’s not to fix an undereating problem) for long periods of time has disastrous consequences on the body. Your workouts will require lots of volume, yada yada yada, but your food will dictate the results that your workouts yield, and if you’re not growing on 5500 cal at your small bodyweight, you have a problem.


Yup, in another thread dude said he has issues with dairy

But his breakfast involves a pound of greek yogurt and half a pound of cottage cheese.


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oh wow. I didn’t remember his dairy issue. That’s a shit ton of dairy for someone who doesn’t digest dairy well.

So, if by chance you ARE eating as much as you say you are, then your food choices are poor. Malabsorption of food is a real thing, for sure. I’m really baffled as to why you’re consuming so much dairy if you believe dairy is a problem for you.

Regardless of any of this, the point I really meant to make from the beginning, and the point that still should overshadow all else here, is that diet, in some form or another, is your problem, not ‘muscle size techniques’.


You lift with the Dalai Lama?



Ok going to eliminate dairy I agree it’s probabaly more extreme than GOMAD

Breakfast now: 6 Large Eggs, Scrambled with 200g 20% Fat Beef

Mid morning Snack: 2 Sandwiches of Pepperoni and Salami

Lunch 2 Wraps each consisting of: 100g Shredded Potato, Half an Avocado, 100g Mince 20% Fat

Mid afternoon snack: Same as breakfast

Dinner: Spaghetti Bolagnase 200g Beef Mince 20% Fat + Spaghetti 300g

Should’ve really looked straight in front of me but seriously I did generally eat that daily then again GOMAD didn’t go well for me and I needed super strong laxitives so it’s most likely dairy, I can still do more tests at the doctors so I’m going to get more checks I did a blood test a couple months ago and it came back I have low Iron, I’ve been taking a supplement for it since then and eating high iron cereals etc.

All together it’s 363g protein, 318g Carbs, 299g Fat which saturates are only 100g

The plus side is it has brought my food shopping to only around £60 a week it was over £70 before and lowered my sugar intake by a landslide.

Deli Lama doesn’t need to get jacked he can move mountains with his mind.

Just eat 6,500 cals…

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… you’re unbelievable dude.

laxatives are for constipation, not dairy digestion. You take enzymes to digest dairy, if you have problems with it. All those dairy calories probably went to nothing for you, so it’s as if you were eating far fewer calories in the first place. And then the laxatives you took on top of that prevented you from properly digesting the rest of the food you ate, because it didn’t stay in your body long enough to absorb the nutrients.

Don’t eat 360g protein per day. That’s way too much, and it won’t do your digestive system any favors. Even if you’re going for a very high calorie diet, I wouldn’t recommend this. I’d reduce the protein by at least 100g, and raise the carbs by 100-200. That will make a better ratio.


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Speaking as someone who has chronic digestive problems, there’s a few other things that could be fucking with you:

Eggs are a common allergen.

Bread and deli meats both common causes of digestive issues.

Wraps are bread, potatoes are nightshades and so can be hard to digest for some people too.

Spaghetti essentially bread, too. Some bright spark will now probably try and argue that gluten is only an issue if you’re celiac and non-celiac gluten sensitivity has never been conclusively proven to exist. Whatever. Fact is that, gluten or not, it fucks with some people.

I’m not trying to tell you that your entire diet is bad, just that there are other potential things in there that could be fucking with you if removing the dairy doesn’t help.

Sorry I didn’t specify I don’t take them daily that was when I had a bad reaction to dairy

Lol jesus what do I eat only chicken and rice?

I mean, I am by no means half the athlete as about half the guys in this thread so perhaps I shouldn’t talk, but the Vertical Diet by Efferding is designed based on a lot of principles of food absorption, and that is mainly beef and rice so… Maybe?


You might need to check with a doctor and see what your issues are

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Well hopefully not, but you might need to eat a very restrictive diet for a while.

Precision Nutrition had a great write up on the elimination diet that you might want to consider if your gut health doesn’t improve.

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