Technique When Drawing Shots?

Hi guys
today I got my first shot of Testosterone Enantate 30 mg. I draw it from a 1 ml vial which contains 250mg Testosterone enantate (because we in germany have only the breaking vials) I draw .12 ml into an insuline syringe. But it was more difficult than thought. I managed it somehow.
exactly that syringe

First I orientated on the top of the green spike inside the syringe when I wanted to draw it to .12 ml. I draw it with an 20 Gauge needle. But in the end there where more than I wanted so much of test was wasted. Next I switched the needle to an 30 gauge for insulin. When I pushed it a bit forward to fill the needle there were only 1.0ml inside.

My question is on which point I should orientate when I draw the Test into the syringe?

I want to take 100 mg of test every week in an EOD protocol because I’m a low SHBG guy.


I would suggest using syringes without removable needles. They have more wasted space as you saw.

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No wasted space. Just draw & shoot with the same insulin syringe

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thanks for the replies.
The thing is I’m drawing the test from one 1 ml vial in 7-8 syringes which I store in the fridge. Ready for use. Thats the reason I use 2 different syringes. When I draw 1 dose of 30 mg I pull a bit back so the stuff inside the needle can also enter the syringe. Than I push it to the top and switch to the smaller needle and store it in the fridge. I do it as long the vial is empty. When I am going to use a syringe for a shot then the display shows that there is 0.1 ml as I push to fill the small insulin needle. When I’m done with the shot there is a rest of test which stays in the needle.

You can fill multiple insulin syringes and do basically the same thing. It takes longer to draw from the vial since T is thick and the needles are small, but it will work just fine. That’s what a lot of us do.

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Sry I meant 2 needles instead of syringes. But basically I do the same thing.

I got 2 another questions:

When I store the test in the fridge in the syringes how long it stays good until it gets rancid or will loosen efficiency?

Or can I just draw an entire 1 ml syringe and shot the required amount and just switch to a new needle for the next shot?

Ah, I just tried using the same 23g needle I drew with and did not pierce the skin at all, pulled the oil out off the needle, swapped em over, went to get a little oil out of the new needle and what do we have here not enough test :angry: I’ll get it down pat one day

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Typically storing it in the frig is NOT the best way. It can cause it to crystallize out of the oil it’s suspended in. It will last pretty much forever if you keep it in a dark place.

That is what I am saying. I am saying to NOT use a syringes with needles that can be changed. Used a 1 piece insulin syringe/needle. If you take 30mg a day then take 8 of them and draw 30mg into each one, 240mg total, which should use up the whole vial

The type of syringes you’re using are wasteful, esp when doing frequent, small injections

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I am in Central America, only glass 1 mL vials here as well. I draw the entire vial into a 23 ga needle (usually 2 vials actually), this dulls the needle as it rubs around on the bottom of the vial. I take this needle and back-fill 27 ga syringes. Which means that I pull the plunger out and use the 23 ga to fill the small needle to just above the mark I want. Then I push the plunger back in - just barely - turn the syringe tip up and wait for the air to go to the top. Then I push the air out slowly and store them tip up in a cup in the cupboard. I typically fill around 8 or 9 syringes at a time. No waste.

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I draw 2ml of test using 22ga needle into a 3ml syringe and leave it there as a dispenser. Then I backfill 29ga insulin syringe and needle to the proper dosage. I leave the 22ga needle attached to the dispensing syringe because it allows me to add small drops at a time so I don’t overfill. When the test in the dispensing syringe runs out, I simply get a new 22ga needle and syringe and do the same thing. I inject daily.

Works perfectly!