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Technique on Squat/Dead/Bench

Hi there. I posted this over in meat’s help thread as well, but might as well cross post here for some more varied advice.

Any criticism or advice is welcome

Squat - 3x5x315
Set 1

Set 2

Set 3


3x365(done after the 405)


I’ve since benched 1x300 but don’t have it video’d. I’ve also gotten a lot better at tucking the elbows and benching lower on the chest since this video. It was my first time recording a bench and really opened my eyes to how much I was flaring the elbows, without realizing it.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide

Everything looks good man. Theres not anything I would change, except of course the bench which you already aknowleged.

looks good man, squats esp. You might not be getting tight enough on the bench, it looks like your wiggling around a bit, and maybe your shoulders aren’t locked in and back, but thats just being picky. You probably already figured out most of it yourself by watching the vids. good work.

I dunno… elbow position doesn’t look bad to me. Most of the big raw benches are done that way. Don’t try to lift lke you’re wearing a shirt if you’re not.

One thing on the bench is try to lock it out before pushing it right back to the rack.