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'Technique is for 'Pus*ies'


So I'm teaching a friend how to deadlift.

All of a sudden, this one big guy who is the morning supervisor/trainer asks me: "Is he a PUSSY? Does he have a PUSSY? Then why do you teach him technique? You only teach technique to PUSSIES. He should be doing chest, back, arms, shoulders, he doesn't need ass and legs. Maybe a little legs, if he wants to."

And he fucking shouted this. :expressionless: And he used the most vulgar term in our language...
(btw, there actually were women at the gym at that hour, and the guy shouted this...)

Another gem:

"That's a weightlifting exercise. Why do you teach him that? He's a beginner and doesn't need that, he'll get hurt." (talking about the deadlift)

So... let me get this straight:
even if his back is perfectly flat...
even if the weight allows some 10 reps or more...
he'll get hurt just because... the certain exercise (in this case, DL) is dangerous and beginners shouldn't do it. Or squat. Or military press. (I'm talking about beginners who can keep their backs flat and whose knees aren't all over the place; i.e. have acceptable form)


haha, this man sounds like a first class knob head


Is this a free membership?

I just don't get why anyone would roll on you like that in real life.

Sounds more like a kid trying to pick a fight than a REAL life adult?

Sure this wasn't a dream you had?


Wish it were. Eh... I just have to get bigger quicker... and pester my clients that if they want to grow they must stuff themselves silly and sleep like bears...

And another: I have beginners do inverted rows and cable rows, since DB rows require too much coordination for someone who can hardly keep his back flat during a DL, and I consider BB rows just place undue stress on the spine...
Since for an absolute beginner an inverted row with straight legs can be a bit difficult, I explain that they can bend their legs so that the exercise is easier to do, and then progressively straighten them when they get stronger...

In the same 20 minutes as the first two, the same guy:
"Do you know the history of this exercise??? Do you?"
Me: do you mean, what it works?
"No. The history. This is a prison exercise. It is done in prisons. And you don't do it with bent legs, that's wrong. Let me show you how it's done "
And he calls another guy to come inside the smith... (I was already expecting something very obscene)
"You set the bar high, and then "


Do you understand how these stories make YOU look bad not him?

Let me explain.

A Dick is a Dick no matter how it's dressed it's still a Dick and everyone knows it's a Dick.

However if you allow a Dick to rest on your Forehead, no one will say look at the Dick they will say look at the GUY with the DICK on his forehead.

You have NOW told us about 2 times you let a Dick Rest on YOUR forehead.


I'm 23, 155 and my best DL is 330. I have at most 3 years experience (1 year, 4 year break for medical reasons during which time I read everything I could get my hands on, training related, 2 years training until now), and I'm averse to shouting. I have these 3-4 guys with 15-20 years training experience, each around 200 lbs or more, who know it all (e.g. that only split training is any good, that DLs are for mobility, not mass, and that a beginner should use machines...), and wouldn't listen or allow you to argument your opinions. No, I didn't let a dick rest on my forehead.

I'm just glad I'm friends with the owner (who is a really nice guy and who can listen to an intelligent , so that if these guys give me any more trouble, I'll ask the owner to tell them to STFU.


If he acted aggressively backto the bloke he would have looked a dick.

I think he handled it best just how he did.

If first class knob head wants to act top dog, let him, next time dont even pay attention to him



This never works with Thugs or Bullies. And I'm not sure why YOU would advise he act like the Dick.
He is a member in a business. The kid has a right to train without being harrased.

He tried your way and what happen the dick came back again.

He should have first told the guy he did not need the advice Instead he engaged into the cconversation with the Dick he did this again when the Dick came back.

If after he told the guy no thanks for the advice he kept bothering him and his Friends or Clients he should report the guy to GyM owner or supervisor take it further he could leave the gym if this continues.


Just politely tell him to get the hell out of your buisness. I can't stand blowhards like that.


I didnt advise he act like the dick. I just think that if the OP reacted aggressively to the man it would have been stupid. I did not write it down very well.

If I was in his situation I would go along with it just for the pure comedy aspect. then get back to what I was doing.

but if it is realy bothering the OP ye he should just ask him to leave him be.


I'm in stitches over here. That has to be THE quote of the year! That is one serious analogy man.

I have to agree with the above statement.


Maybe you're talking about a different exercise, but DB rows the way most people do them don't require any more coordination than starting a mower. And people can start with the smallest dumbbells if need be, 5 or 10 lb or whatever. Who are you training who can't row a 10 lb dumbbell?


I'd rather they use 1/2 or 2/3 of their BW, or do heavy(er) seated rows from the day 1, than spend a few weeks teaching them to hold their backs flat and not twist during DB rows with 10 lb. (by coordination, I mean spinal alignment)...


Just keep in mind that not everyone looks for physical confrontations and some folks try to avoid them.

It sounds like the OP is doing his best to avoid it, and not get this doucher all amped up and into escalating it (which it sounds like could easily happen here.)

Go talk to the gym management if you're having an issue, this guy definitely sounds like a cockjuggling asshole, and he probably is not going to let you be.


lol at this thread. Dude, you are 23, time to learn how to deal with dicks. "Thanks for your advice, but we are going to try something else." When he leaves, tell your friend/client/whatever what you think of the guy and keep on training.

If he comes back, "Sorry, we are busy. Perhaps I can help you with training after I'm done here." Just be blunt. "Hey, please leave; we are busy." If he stays, get staff involved.

Yes, getting bigger and stronger will help.


^ Yup people are dicks for absolutely no reason.

You got that OP, you stupid asshole?


Yep, got it.

I couldn't have gotten into a verbal conflict with that guy, because it would've meant I would've dropped down to his level (first and foremost), and I'm not that good with words, so that I could humiliate him/make him STFU.

Also, even if I did, he still had 3 or so very big guys to back him up (in the "conversation"... actually the shit-flinging-and-yelling contest)... I think I would've had to scream in order for this guys to hear me...


First of all:

What is the point of this thread? Just to show how some A-Hole at your gym punked you?


You said your friends with the gym owner... Talk to him and tell him what's going on. I'm sure he would be happy to know that one of the gym trainers/supervisors is running around the gym talking tons of shit to clients.

You're a trainer too? (you said you were working with one of your clients?) this guy probably just doesn't like you for whatever reason. It's a personal thing between the two of you and really has nothing to do with lifting (more than likely)


Your avi might be one of the worst photoshops I've ever seen. Where did you find the pic of the gorgeous blonde?


Dude, just don't ask to work in with the "big guy". He's made more progress than you and is obviously busting his ass and knows more than you. Ask no questions, and act like you're afraid. Stifle your laughter.