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Technique for This Clean? (Video)


Can someone tell how do you train to clean like that? Wide grip and little/no dip. Heard it was about 120 @82.5 in the video (264 @ 181).

By "train" I mean differences in technique when compared to a normal clean.

Jim Wendler also seems to dip very little. Ahem...

Thank you, Eisen


This looks to me like a bad clean, and a press. The techniques that are used today are from years of tweaking movements and makeing things smoother and more efficient. This is a long time ago, I'm sure if this guys had access to more modern equipment, and better coaching he would be putting another 30 kilos over his head. Even greats like Paul Anderson had crappy technique in the olympic lifts, because the proper way of doing things had not yet been discovered.


I believe that's a Clean&Press (not Jerk), where you aren't allowed to bend your knees.


Yes that lift is the clean and press, not the jerk. But the original poster asked about the clean. Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm assuming this is from the time when the bar wasn't allowed to touch the body on the way up (don't know exactly how long ago that was....) so that's why the bar seems to fly up. Also that is a clean for the clean and press, not a clean before a clean and jerk. People pressed less than they jerked. So the clean was easier, therefore there is no need to squat clean (although he might have split cleaned then anyway?) so that is a power clean nowhere near the lifters max.

Finally, why do you want to clean like this? It is not an optimal way, you will lift less weight, there will be less emphasis on the hips which is the main reason to train the clean anyway (assuming you want to clean to help athletic ability/ improve power)


Nope, the sole reason I want to be able to clean (and with a wider grip) is to be able to press overhead when I don't have access to a rack. So in the best case I'd be using a little over 220, maybe 264 at best (OTOH, I'm shooting for a 550+ DL @ ~176)
I want to clean like this because the technique seems easier to learn.

Danke schoen


I'd think that a proper power clean would be easier, less dangerous and keep your arms less tired for the actual overhead press



Back then the rules were that the bar could not make contact with the body during a clean or a snatch. That's why the lifter is cleaning that way. It has NOTHING to do with a press or a jerk.

If you want to press heavy and don't have a rack then power clean bar. (it won't be heavy enough for you to squat clean it)

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