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Technique Cues Thread

I’m always surprised how much a good lifting technique cue helps make a lift easier or safer even if the cue seems totally random or unrelated to the movement before I try it.

So let’s get a list of helpful technique cues going.
Some Examples:

-Spread the floor when you squat.
-Try to Press the bar up when you back squat (helps elbow position).
-Try to rip the bar apart when you’re benching
-Push your elbows up when Front Squatting
-Push your knees out when you’re coming out of the hole
-Pull the bar to your chest on chin-ups

I’d be interested to know what other helpful technique cues are out there. If you’ve got any incorrect cues that you think need debunking, sharing those would help out too.

I’m not really looking for an anatomical breakdown of every lift. I’d rather just see some helpful 1-liners that are good for yelling at training partners.

Some good tips there, I must try #2 Ive always pulled the bar down.

Generally just squeezing the hell out of the bar is a good idea for strength. I feel much stronger on just about every lift I do this with. Especially military and bench presses.

My best guess is that it helps get your CNS firing efferent fibers better. Maybe helps it innervate more motor units.

Although, I wouldn’t recommend it on rowing movements if you’re going for the whole mind-muscle connection deal in your back.

For squats I like to think
-set it up nice and tight.
-knees out


head up first

for squat

I never knew the front squatting one. I should implement that next time I clean.

“Chest up!” for the down portion of the squat, like going in and out of the bottom portion of a squat. Also works for the deadlift once they break the floor.
“Hips!” for the deadlift. Just having someone yell that at you while your lifting makes you remember to bring your hips forward before it’s too late.

For deadlifting, flex triceps hard so that you dont rip out your biceps.

Weight on heels for pretty much every movement.

Heres a few I had tricks learned for bench.

  • take 3 deep breaths before starting(the last one should be the largest)

-Dig the webbing between your thumb and forefinger into the bar to ensure a very solid and tight grip

-When lowering the bar push your head down into the bench(this might cause your chest/gut to rise and thus shortening your stroke)

-When attempting a max single, after unracking the bar let the bar sink down into you(don’t bend your elbows this may shorten your stroke also)

-if you have a problem keeping your ass on the bench spread out your legs wide or squeeze the bench with your legs.

-If you are stalling at the bottom when benching try pushing your hands inwards: this works for some other don’t benefit from it give it a try though.

-If you have you are stalling a few inches from locking the bar out, start rotating your hands and elbows inward like you are giving the thumbs down sign.

Hope these could be added to the technique list!! Sorry these aren’t cues