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Technique Critique

Alright, just getting started but recorded my first sets of proxy stone lifts, sled drags, tire flips, and farmer’s walks.

I’d love some feedback particularly on Farmer’s Walk and Stone Lift.

Farmer’s Walk granted the handles I’m using are longer than normal ones they aren’t real strongman ones so maybe there’s nothing I can do but my legs kept getting caught between the plates. I found trying to angle the front upward and outward a little helped but by the end of the walk I was too tired to do that and would get caught between the plates again. Any tips on this? I was thinking of trying to clip the plates on the end of the bar instead of the middle but that’s really whoring the gym’s clips requiring me to use 8 of them for myself.

For Stone Lift I’m most concerned with posture cause I feel like I’m arching my back a lot more than I probably should be.

Here are the videos: Stone Lifts on one, all the rest on the other.

On the stone trainer thing. Your supposed grip it more like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ATYnzRz7x-0 to more mimic a stone.

I’m scheduled to do legs again tomorrow which is when I’m doing the stone lifts so I’ll see how it goes. It looks like not only should I adjust my hand but in that video the guy really puts his back straight over the stone. That should solve why I felt like (and see) my back arching. Thanks Kalle

Any tips on the Farmer’s Walk issue?

there’s nothing you can do for the farmer’s issue. With the plates so close to your legs, it is always going to be an issue. Once you can get a hold of proper handles you’ll nothing the difference. Until then, you are stuck whacking you legs mid stride.

Get closer to the “stone”, and bear hug it more. Looks like you’re using your hands too much, pressure should be on the insides of your forearms.

Thanks, did the Stones on Tuesday night using the revised technique and definitely felt better all around, except my forearms. One of the Elite guys started talking to me and told me he always keeps Farmer Walk Handles in his truck if I ever want to use them, a prowler too. I was waiting to go Sunday afternoon because I know the PL team trains bench Sunday morning but maybe I’ll go earlier to take him up on that offer.

Sled drag is usually done pulling backwards.

Jury rig some farmers walk handles. It makes a big difference.


Hey ender, have you tried out the actual farmer’s handles yet??? wanna know if you have upped the weight on actual ones.

I you want to be a lot close to the ‘stone’, stand with it almost between your legs. When you bend over to grab it, don’t bend your knees and squat down so much, rather bend at the waist like a romanian dead and once you have a grip on the ‘stone’ bend your knees and dip back to pick it up towards your lap. Also, don’t be afraid to loose the arch in your back, don’t treat stones like deadlifts, instead bend your back to really get over the stone. Good luck!